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Clinton Declares Victory in Kentucky Democratic Primary, Sanders Declares Victory in Oregon

ABC News (NEW YORK) -- Voters in Kentucky and Oregon headed to the polls Tuesday to vote in the two states' Democratic presidential primaries.


Hillary Clinton declared victory in the Kentucky Democratic primary. Kentucky had 61 delegates up for grabs.

With 99 percent of the vote in, Clinton held a lead of just under 2,000 votes. Kentucky's Secretary of State said that two precincts were outstanding.



Former Secretary of State Clinton thanked her supporters on Twitter shortly after several media outlets declared her the unofficial winner.


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Bernie Sanders declared victory in Oregon's Democratic primary: "We just won Oregon and we are going to win California. I am beginning to like the West Coast.”

He held a rally in Carson, California Tuesday night, showing no signs of slowing down his campaign despite growing pressure from fellow Democrats to drop out of the race and support Clinton.

"This is the beginning of the final push to win California" and its 475 delegates, he said.

In thanking his supporters, Sanders singled out actor Danny Glover, who he said spent his entire "adult life" fighting economic, social and racial injustice.

Sanders also said that he continues to beat Donald Trump in the polls, while the polls favor Trump over Clinton.

"Whether a national poll or state poll, we do much better beating Donald Trump than Clinton," he said. "The Democratic party wants to be certain that Donald Trump is defeated...we, together, are the campaign to do that."

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