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Colbert Releases Ad for Rick Parry, Not Rick Perry

Sarah L. Voisin/The Washington Post via Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Stephen Colbert’s PAC is out with an ad urging Iowans to head to the Ames Straw Poll Saturday to write in Rick Parry, not Rick Perry.

“A storm is gathering over Iowa, a money storm,” the ad says.  “Out of state groups like Grow PAC and Jobs for Iowa PAC are flooding the Iowa airwaves, telling you to vote Rick Perry at the Ames Straw Poll.  They think they can buy your vote with their unlimited superPAC money but Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow asks -- what about our unlimited superPAC money?”

“We want you to vote for Rick Perry too, but not their Rick Perry.  Our Rick Parry. On Aug. 13, write in Rick Parry -- that's Parry with an A for America, with an A for Iowa.”

The advertisement ends saying it was “Paid for by Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow.”

Colbert promised Monday night that his PAC will air advertisements supporting Perry during Iowa’s evening newscasts Wednesday night.

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