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Cut, Cap & Balance Killed in the Senate; Reid Gives Senate Weekend Off

ABC News(WASHINGTON) -- The Cut, Cap and Balance Act was killed as expected by a party-line vote in the Senate on Friday.

“We're going to dispose of this legislation as it needs to be so President Obama and the Speaker can move forward on a matter that will have some revenue in it and send it over here and we can move forward to complete our work to make sure that we don't default on our debt,” Reid said following the vote.

Earlier in the week Reid had announced that the Senate would be in session every day -- including weekends -- until Congress sends legislation to the president.  Reid even ridiculed the House of Representatives for being out of session this weekend.

But things have changed since Monday when he made that announcement. The talks are mainly going on between President Obama and Speaker of the House John Boehner and Reid announced Friday that the Senate will not be in session this weekend. The next roll call vote will be on Monday at 5:30 pm.

“Circumstances have changed,” Reid said noting that the legislation will now have to originate in the House so the Senate won’t have to be in and working this weekend. “Based on these changed circumstances, it is no longer the case. So at the close of business today, the senate will be out until Monday.”

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