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Death of Reagan's Press Secretary James Brady Ruled a Homicide

(WASHINGTON) -- A medical examiner has ruled the death of former White House Press Secretary James Brady a homicide.

Brady died on Monday, 33 years after the assassination attempt that injured President Ronald Reagan, Brady, and others.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, an autopsy reveals that the three-decades old bullet wounds were the reason Reagan's former Press secretary died.

Suspect John Hinckley Jr. was charged in the March 1981 shooting. Prosecutors say that for now, they have no plans to charge Hinckley with Brady's murder.

In November 1993, 12 years after the shooting, Brady attended the signing ceremony for the gun control bill that bears his name. At the time, Brady said the measure would bring "the end of unchecked madness." Brady, who would require a wheelchair for the rest of his life, admitted he had not thought about the issue before the assassination attempt on the president.

This homicide is added to DC's homicide count, which now stands at 71 for the year.

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