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First Lady Wants Americans to Drink More Water

JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images(WATERTOWN, Wis.) -- Michelle Obama is spearheading a new campaign called "Drink Up" -- but the first lady is not advocating what many fun-lovers think she is.

During an appearance in Watertown, Wis., Mrs. Obama encouraged Americans to drink more water for its obvious health benefits.

The first lady, who frequently uses her personal bully pulpit to promote diet and exercise, calls water the "original energy drink."  She says her daughters are big water drinkers although she didn't mention how much the president quaffs daily.

Mrs. Obama added that Americans tend to take water for granted because it's plentiful and easily attainable.

While her message will probably resonate with the public, a joke she told didn't go over as well, telling the audience, "Amidst all the ads that we watch on television and all the messages that we receive everyday about what to eat and drink, the truth is water just gets drowned out...That's supposed to be funny."

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