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Fixing Health Care Website: How Long Is the To-Do List?

ABC News(WASHINGTON) -- Administration officials Friday declined to reveal how many items must be checked off the critical to-do list in order for to be functioning properly by the end of the month.

In an effort to fix the glitch-ridden website, the administration has broken its punch list into three tiers, the top tier being the most critical.

"We're constantly tiering the punch list to make sure that the most important issues are at the top and we are making progress across those priority items and the site is getting better each week and will be at the standard we set for the end of the month," Jeff Zients, the former White House economic adviser tapped to oversee the repair effort, told reporters on a conference call.

While the administration is still identifying new items that must be fixed, the to-do list is “certainly shorter” than it was when the process started, Zients said.

Asked repeatedly how many items or what percentage fall into the critical top tier, Zients refused to provide specifics.

“It's an iterative process…We will across the next few days do a couple of dozen more fixes that are focused on those high-priority fix items,” he said, offering a glimpse at the numbers.

"There are three tiers and obviously we are spending the bulk of our time on the most important ones, the fixes we can get done in the fastest period of time that have the biggest impact,” he added.

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