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Former NJ Governor and Mentor Questions Christie After 'Bridgegate'

New Jersey Governor's Office/Tim Larsen(WASHINGTON) -- One of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's mentors questioned his leadership and touched on a potential presidential campaign in an interview covering the so-called Bridgegate scandal that has ensnared the governor in recent days.

Former Governor Thomas Kean, a Republican governor of New Jersey, just like Christie, told the Washington Post that while Christie has "a lot to offer," voters should "look at these other qualities and ask, do you really want that in your president?"

Kean, who has known Christie since the current governor was a teen, called him "the most able politician since Bill Clinton," high praise for the New Jersey Republican.

The comments came after some of Christie's aides were linked to causing a traffic jam on the George Washington Bridge as political retribution. Despite claims that the jam was caused by a traffic study, evidence now hints that Christie's aides were involved in planning the stoppage -- and that no such study was conducted.

Christie maintains that he was not directly aware of the ploy.

Kean did tell the Post, however, that Christie has established a culture in which none of his closest aides "will ever say no to him, and that is dangerous."

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