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GOP Weekly Address: House Speaker Boehner on Working to Avoid Fiscal Cliff

Alex Wong/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- House Speaker Boehner, having removed the proposed "Plan B" as an option in fiscal cliff talks, delivered this week's Republican address about the will of the House to avert the fiscal deadline.

Boehner, R- Ohio, noted that Americans re-elected President Obama and a Republican House majority as mandate "for us to work together to begin solving the massive debt that threatens our country's future."

"Unfortunately," the Speaker says, "the president and Senate Democrats have vowed to reject and veto all of our proposals while failing to offer a responsible solution of their own."

Boehner says President Obama has yet to propose a plan that will "solve our spending problem" or "address our nation's crippling debt."  Instead, Speaker Boehner says that the president just wants to drive up taxes "that will hurt our economy."  He says the president "refuses to challenge the members of his party to deal honestly with entitlement reform and the big issues facing our nation."

"The best way to address our crippling debt is to make significant spending cuts and fix our tax code to pave the way for long-term growth and opportunity," Boehner says.  

Boehner emphasizes this approach is Republicans' "highest priority," but that Republicans may run the House, but "Democrats run Washington."

Before wishing Americans "a blessed and Merry Christmas," Boehner says he remains hopeful that the President and Congress can work together and "do the right thing," to protect families and small businesses.

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