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GOP Weekly Address: Oklahoma 'Hit Hard,' But 'Not Knocked Out'

US Senate(MOORE, Okla.) -- In this week's Republican address, Oklahoma's senior senator, Jim Inhofe, speaks about the tornado that devastated Moore, Okla. this week.

Oklahoma has been hit hard, but we're not knocked out," Sen. Inhofe says in the address, delivered on location in Moore.

Inhofe says in times like these, whether during other tornadoes that struck Oklahoma in the past, or after the Oklahoma City bombing, Oklahomans always take care of each other, and praised those this week who demonstrated selfless acts "to ensure the safety and protection of their fellow neighbors, and their friends, and their students."

“The accounts of two elementary schools that were wiped out by the winds of 200 miles an hour have struck a chord, I think with all Americans – with everyone watching us now -- all Americans across the country," Inhofe says.

"Second-grade teacher Tammy Glasgow kept praying with her students and reminding them how much she loved them as she and her students took cover in a school closet; We had Suzanna Haley, she was a first-grade special education teacher in Briarwood Elementary School, suffered a severe injury when part of a school desk was impaled in the back of her leg while protecting the students in her classroom. The most heart-wrenching testimony I’ve heard is from the person who was responsible for matching the missing kids with the missing parents," he continues.
“The individuals who lived through these storms are volunteering in the recovery and assisting efforts right now, and they’re America’s real heroes."

Expressing his gratitude to those from around the country who have come to Oklahoma to give their time, money and energy to help people who are injured or displaced, Sen. Inhofe, urged people to continue to think of the victims who "desperately need your help right now, they need your money."  

"If you are able, please visit the American Red Cross website at or the Salvation Army website at to volunteer," he says.

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