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GOP Weekly Address: Rep. Brooks Optimistic About Creating Federal Budget

United States Congress(WASHINGTON) -- Rep. Susan Brooks, R-Ind., says Democrats fail to see the value in creating and passing a budget for federal spending, but that Americans may still have cause to be optimistic about Washington's efforts to boost the economy.

"On their watch," Rep. Brooks says referring to congressional Democrats, "we've been operating without a national budget, piling up debts that now exceed $16 trillion and unemployment levels that remain stubbornly high."

With the House's passage of the No Budget No Pay Act, Brooks notes in this week's Republican address that this new challenge will force lawmakers to "finally live up to one the most basic responsibilities of governing -- passing a budget …"  This legislation directs both chambers of Congress to adopt a budget resolution for fiscal year 2014 by April 15, 2013. If either body fails to pass a budget, members of that body would have their paychecks put into an escrow account starting on April 16 until that body passes a budget.

Additionally, Brooks says Republicans plan to hold the president accountable for "harmful, across-the-board" sequester spending cuts.  If Republicans have their way, she says, they would replace these cuts "with better, thoughtful, common-sense cuts and reforms."

While Rep. Brooks acknowledges the U.S. faces some difficult challenges for reducing its debt, she says she is still optimistic about the future.

“These are big challenges, but with some much-needed determination and a healthy dose of optimism, we will meet them.  We have a chance to begin balancing our nation’s checkbook, jumpstart our economy and restore faith in our government," she says. "Republicans will work tirelessly to hold the Democratic majority in Washington accountable and make sure, together, we seize this opportunity."

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