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GOP Weekly Address: Sen. Coburn Criticizes Obama's Fiscal Leadership

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- In this week's Republican Address, Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, challenged President Obama's leadership in developing a deficit reduction plan. 

Coburn said that, under the leadership of House Republicans, Congress is finally making significant cuts in federal spending.  Particularly concerning earmarks, Coburn adds that "Republicans have also changed the culture of Congress."

As of five years ago, Sen. Coburn says, Congress approved the passage of 14,000 pork projects worth $29 billion.  Now, the senator says, Congress is on target to have zero earmarks.

While Sen. Coburn expresses an enthusiasm for the progress that has already been made to cut government spending, he calls out President Obama for having "failed to put a serious proposal [to reduce the deficit] on the table."  Coburn said that "real leadership" that will bring Congress together is needed to solve the looming debt crisis.

Responding to Obama's speech this week on fiscal policy, Coburn says, "Instead of describing the threat and bringing both sides together, the president attacked those who have a different vision of the government."

He later adds, "What we need to avert a debt crisis is real leadership and specific solutions, not campaign style political attacks."

Sen. Coburn praised House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan on his development of a spending plan that he says will save $6.2 trillion over 10 years.  House Republicans passed the measure Friday afternoon.

Sen. Coburn, who is also a medical physician, also addresses the health care debate, saying that Medicaid -- as it currently stands -- often creates disaster for patients and physicians, and that reform is necessary to "liberate citizens from failing programs that deny them choice, dignity and care."

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