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Government Shutdown: Day 10 Recap

Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- As the partial government shutdown enters its eleventh day, here is some of what happened on the tenth day:

  1. President Obama and a group of Republican leaders led by Speaker John Boehner held a meeting at the White House to discuss a GOP proposal on a six-week increase of the debt limit with the hope, according to Boehner, that the administration "will look at this as an opportunity and a good-faith effort on our part" to begin bipartisan negotiations to end the budget shutdown. The meeting broke up an after an hour with the White House describing the talks as "productive" although the president is looking for more progress on a stopgap spending bill in order to end the shutdown. Republicans said talks among themselves would continue through the night.
  2. Senate Republicans, led by Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, are preparing an alternate plan to the House debt ceiling proposal that would fund the government for a year at the $967 billion level set by the 2011 Budget Control Act. The plan also calls for repealing the Affordable Care Act's medical-device tax and an income verification requirement for people who apply for health care subsidies.
  3. The Senate passed the Honoring the Families of Fallen Soldiers Act, which restores payments of the death gratuity for families of fallen soldiers by unanimous consent. However, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid described the vote on the legislation as "moot" since a day earlier, the Defense Department announced it was able to restore the payments for military death gratuity by striking a deal with the Fisher House Foundation to provide the benefits through the shutdown. President Obama signed the joint Senate-House bill nonetheless.
  4. Concerned about the shutdown's impact on the tourism industry, the governors of Utah, South Dakota, Arizona and Colorado have asked the Obama administration to allow them to foot the bill to return their states’ parks to normal operations. Interior Secretary Sally Jewell responded positively to the request, pledging to "consider agreements" with the governors to help circumvent a lapse in federal appropriations.
  5. A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds 53 percent of Americans blame the GOP for the partial government shutdown compared to 31 percent who affix blame on President Obama. Republicans' favorability rating is 24 percent, an all-time low for the poll but a little better than the Tea Party, which only gets 21 percent support.
  6. Time literally stopped in the U.S. Capitol this week. The "Ohio Clock," a symbol of the Senate since 1815, stopped ticking because the staff responsible for maintaining the clock was furloughed. The clock is now frozen just shy of 12:15.

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