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James Carville: 90% of Dems Want Hillary Clinton

Win McNamee/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s decision about whether to run for president in 2016 will be key to the makeup of the Democratic and Republican fields in 2016, ABC News political analyst Matthew Dowd said Sunday on ABC News’ “This Week.”

And James Carville – former strategist for President Bill Clinton – said Democrats are relishing the possibility that she’ll enter the race.

“I think that, whether or not other Democrats run, it’s all going to pivot off of her.  And even the Republicans to a degree are going to pivot off what she does.” Dowd said.

With Clinton’s popularity across the board surging in the four years after her first run for the presidency, Carville says that the consensus among Democrats is that Hillary Clinton would give the party its best chance to win.

“I don’t know what she’s going to do, but I do know this:  The Democrats want her to run.  And I don’t just mean a lot of Democrats.  I mean a whole lot of Democrats, like 90 percent across the country,” Carville said. “We just want to win.  We think she’s the best person and shut it down.  And that’s across the board.”

But Republican political adviser – and Carville’s wife- Mary Matalin said it’s unlikely the Secretary of State would be able to clear the field.

“I wish she would run. But it defies human nature to think that Democrats, even though they are redistributionist and utopians, would not be competitive, that [Virginia Senator Mark] Warner or all these other Democrats who’ve been waiting in the wings are going to have a dynasty, since Democrats are always complaining about these dynasties, they’re going to have another Clinton step up, and everyone’s going to go, yeah, step back?  I don’t think so,” Matalin said.

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