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'Joe the Plumber' Throws Wrench into Congressional Ring

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images(COLUMBUS, Ohio) -- The man who came to be known as "Joe the Plumber" during the 2008 national election wants to be known as "Joe the Congressman."

Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher officially announced Tuesday that he's running for the Republican nomination for Congress from Ohio's 9th District.

Wurzelbacher believes that voters will identify with him because he's not a politician by nature.  He complained that today's elected officials "keep on playing politics with our lives.  I’m tired of it.  That’s what it comes down to: I’m sick and tired of it."

If he gets the nod, Wurzelbacher would probably face either Democratic Rep. Marcy Kaptur or Dennis Kucinich, whose districts will be merged into one after 2012 because of a loss of population.

Wurzelbacher became famous as "Joe the Plumber" when he confronted President Obama while he was a candidate for the White House three years ago.

Obama's opponent, Arizona Sen. John McCain, quickly used Wurzelbacher as a symbol of how small businessmen would suffer under an Obama administration.

While that ploy didn't work out for McCain, it did for Wurzelbacher, who became a commentator, author and motivational speaker.  As it turned out, "Joe the Plumber" was a bit of a misnomer since it later came out that Wurzelbacher didn't hold a plumber's license.

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