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Kerry Urges Senate to Confirm Appointees

State Dept Photo(WASHINGTON) -- Secretary of State John Kerry on Thursday bemoaned the fact that more than half of his senior staff has yet to be confirmed by the Senate and said he’d be raising the topic with Capitol Hill leadership.

“I reach my one-year mark the day after tomorrow, and I still am waiting for 50 percent of my under secretaries and a whole set of assistant secretaries, not to mention a very large group of ambassadors, "Kerry said at the swearing-in ceremony for new Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources Heather Higginbottom. "So I will be on the phone today to both the majority leader and the minority leader in the Senate in an effort to try to accelerate this process.”

Kerry added that Higginbottom is the first woman to hold the title of Deputy Secretary of State.  

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