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Media Coverage of Ron Paul 'Disappointing,' His Team Says

Jason Merritt/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- Despite coming in a very close second in Saturday’s Ames Straw Poll, Rep. Ron Paul has been conspicuously absent from much of the media coverage over the weekend.

Paul’s campaign spokesperson, Gary Howard, tells ABC News that he finds the coverage of the congressman “disappointing, but not that surprising.”

“I think the media coverage has definitely been lacking after a pretty significant showing in the straw poll,” said Howard in an emailed statement.  “Dr. Paul came within nine-tenths of a percent of winning, yet the winner -- rightfully -- gets lauded for organizational strength, is declared to have top-tier status, etc., while some stories don't even mention [Paul’s] name.”

When asked by ABC News how they plan to change the narrative that Paul is an unelectable candidate, Howard said “we can only keep doing what we've been doing.  Until Sunday, the narrative on Pawlenty was that he was a top-tier candidate -- How did that turn out?  Compared to 2007, we have quadrupled our support, and doubled our poll numbers, so we feel like what we're doing is right.  We will just redouble our efforts.”

Ron Paul finished just 152 votes behind Michele Bachmann in the Ames Straw Poll, but the next day, the congresswoman -- along with newcomer Rick Perry and Mitt Romney -- ended up getting most of the media attention.  Together, many stories portrayed them as being the new "top tier" candidates while Paul's name was left out.

Paul’s campaign chairman, Jesse Benton, tells Politico that the congressman had a “loose arrangement” with many of the Sunday morning shows to go on if Paul did well in the straw poll, but when he did, “their answer was, ‘Sorry our show is set.’”

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