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Mitt Romney Releases Birth Certificate

EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- Mitt Romney has added another element to the “birther” storyline by releasing a copy of his own birth certificate -- or, as the document states, a “Certificate of Live Birth” from Michigan.

Romney released the document Wednesday, just a day after Donald Trump repeated his own claim that President Obama was born in Kenya and is therefore not allowed to occupy the White House.

Before releasing his long-form birth certificate last year in response to Trump’s demands, Obama had made public his own “Certificate of Live Birth,” which some claimed wasn’t a real birth certificate.

Reached by phone Wednesday, Orly Taitz, an early leader of the movement to delegitimize Obama’s candidacy for the presidency, maintained that Obama’s long-form document is fraudulent — but she also said Romney should “absolutely” make his long-form certificate available, too.

When he was running for president, Obama signed on to a bill in the Senate that would make it clear that John McCain is eligible to be commander-in-chief — he was born outside the United States, in the Panama Canal Zone, when his father was in the Navy there.

Romney and Trump raised money together Tuesday night in Las Vegas, and the Obama campaign has hounded Romney for tying himself to the billionaire real estate mogul.

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