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Nice Tan, Mr. President: Reactions to Obama's Latest Fashion Choice

The White House(WASHINGTON) -- President Obama wore a tan suit at his press conference Thursday and the Internet exploded.

Although the president was making important statements about the Islamic State and Russia, supporters and critics focused more on Obama's attire, a departure from the usual dark suits or sports jackets he wears in public.

Some of the tweets included:

"Obama vows to defeat whoever made him wear this suit."

"Who gave President Obama that old church suit from my dad's closet?"

"I don’t care that Obama’s suit is tan. The problem with the suit is that it’s EMPTY."

"Obama's tan suit is a distraction from Benghazi."

"If Obama is catching hell for wearing a tan suit now, then God help him when he wears white after Labor Day."

"Message from senior White House official: 'He loves that suit.'"

Michigan Congressman John Dingell tweeted, "I see no problem with the suit," while also posting a photo of himself in a tan suit.

FYI: Obama was also photographed wearing what looks like the same suit after attending Easter Sunday services.

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