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Obama Announces Proposal to End NSA's Bulk Collection of Phone Data

ABC News(THE HAGUE, Netherlands) -- President Obama Tuesday announced he supports a “workable” proposal to end the controversial NSA program that collects data on virtually every phone call made in the U.S., saying he is confident the overhaul will “do what is necessary in order to deal with the dangers of a terrorist attack, but does so in a way that addresses some of the concerns that people had raised.”
The proposal, Obama said, would require a judge to oversee each individual inquiry. “This ensures that government is not in possession of that bulk data,” he said at a joint press conference with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte.
“I want to emphasize once again that some of the dangers that people hypothesized when it came to bulk data, there were clear safeguards against. But I recognize that people were concerned about what might happen in the future with that bulk data. This proposal that's been presented to me would eliminate that concern,” he said.
The president’s announcement came at the end of an international summit on nuclear security with many foreign leaders who previously raised concerns that the U.S. was indiscriminately spying on them.
“We are going to treat the privacy concerns of non-U.S. persons as seriously as we are the constraints that already exist by law on U.S. persons. We're doing that not because we're bound by international law but because ultimately it's the right thing to do,” Obama said.
The president said he is looking forward to working with Congress to pass the legislation.
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