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Obama Campaign Seeks Social Media Staffers

Dimitri Vervitsiotis / Getty Images(CHICAGO) -- If you’re an unemployed Democrat with a knack for Facebook and Twitter, President Obama’s reelection campaign may have a job for you.

The Chicago-based team of Obama strategists and organizers wants to beef up its social media presence with multiple new hires, from digital media experts to lower-level staffers, according to a job listing posted Tuesday on the electronic Democratic job bank “Jobs That Are Left.”  The announcement was first spotted by the New York Observer.

“We’re looking for writers who can tell stories in 140 characters or less, put complex policy into Facebook-friendly terms, and help plan and create original content that people will be compelled to share with their friends,” the post reads. “You should have a head for politics, a sense of humor, and buckets of common sense.”

While the total number of pending new hires may be unclear, the objective is not: to flood the online networks with savvy, articulate defenders of Obama’s record at a time when his poll numbers are tanking, and reenergize millions in an audience that was critical to Obama’s victory in 2008 that may have seen their lofty dreams of Hope and Change tempered by the realities of a stagnant economy and Washington political maneuvering.  

Obama campaign aides have said they plan aggressive, “unprecedented” outreach to voters through social media, and are designing “innovative” ways to do that.  The White House recently held the first ever presidential Twitter town hall, and Obama has utilized new interactive video teleconferencing technology to brief volunteers.

Jonathan Askin, who was a member of Obama’s technology task force in 2008, said the 2012 campaign will be defined by “mobile social, hyper-local, grassroots community organizing” that harnesses tools like Four Square and Places giving supporters real-time access to campaign activities.

As Obama’s army of 2012 social media operatives kick their plans into gear, they will have a sizeable audience listening --  much larger than any of Obama’s prospective GOP challengers.  The president has 9.8 million followers on Twitter and 22.6 million fans on Facebook.  

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