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Obama in Rio: Returning for 2016 Summer Olympics

Mike Majchrowitz/Pool Photo(RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil) -- On President Obama’s “lighter” Sunday schedule, it seemed his mind was on sports for at least part of the day. Though still smarting from Chicago’s failed bid to win the 2016 Olympics, Obama announced his intention to come to see the games in the winning city: Rio de Janeiro.

“You might have heard that this city wasn’t exactly my first choice for the Summer Olympics,” Obama told a crowd in Rio’s historic municipal theater. “But if the Games couldn’t be in my hometown of Chicago, there’s no place I’d rather see them than right here in Rio.  And I intend to come back in 2016 to watch it happen.”

Obama has mentioned the loss/win numerous times since arriving in Brazil. Saturday he brought it up with Brazilian President Rousseff and again in a statement to reporters.

Earlier Sunday, on a tour of one of Rio’s many favelas – or slum neighborhoods – Obama channeled his inner Pele (or Ronaldo) and kicked the soccer ball around with a bunch of grade school-aged kids. Perhaps as he should have expected, the kids were decked out in blue and white Rio2016 T-shirts.

“These are the best soccer players in the world,” Obama flattered his hosts. “Look at this guy! He’s making some moves!” Obama said to one boy, as he kicked the ball up by the child’s head. The boy promptly blocked then kicked the ball back to Obama.

Obama then showed off some moves of his own, kicking the ball up with his left foot, bouncing it off of his torso and kicking it back again at about head height to the boy. The boy caught the ball with his hand.

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