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Obama Parodied by Impersonator in Outside Group Political Ad

Pete Souza/The White House(WASHINGTON) -- The American Future Fund, a pro-Republican nonprofit group, mocks President Obama for his handling of the economy in a new radio ad that features an Obama impersonator.

The one-minute spot spoofs a meeting between Obama and his staff as they figure out ways to create jobs and spin the president’s record.

“Alright folks now what am I going to say in my newest jobs speech? Should I talk about the jobs that I created with the stimulus?” the Obama impersonator says.

“Mr. President, your stimulus spent $800 billion dollars and unemployment went up,” replied a member of his “staff.”

“So we can assume hope and change didn’t okay what about other ideas?” the Obama impersonator replies.

AFF founder Nick Ryan said that while the ad is meant to elicit a chuckle, its message is serious.

“What is not humorous about Obama’s failed policies is that millions of Americans are standing in the unemployment line,” he said in a statement. “It’s time for real leadership and a real plan to put Americans back to work.”

The group, which raised nearly $21,000 this year and had $4,800 cash on hand at the end of July, did not immediately respond to an inquiry as to where the spot will air.

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