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Obama Stumps for Ed Markey in Massachusetts Senate Run

The Guardian via Getty Images(ROXBURY CROSSING, Mass.) -- Seven months after winning re-election, President Obama is back on the campaign trail. This time, he’s lending his political prowess to stump for Senate hopeful Rep. Ed Markey.

“Ed has a track record, and that's why you know what he's going to do when he's a senator from the commonwealth of Massachusetts. He's not somebody who comes out of nowhere and says he's for something, and then maybe he's for something else,” Obama said in his campaign cadence at a rally in Roxbury Crossing, Mass.

“He's been steady, and he's been constant, working on your behalf. He's been strong, and he's been principled. And that's the kind of leader we need right now,” he said.

Markey is running against private equity executive and political newcomer Gabriel Gomez in the special election to fill now-Secretary of State John Kerry’s seat, a race that is critical for both parties as they try to claim the traditionally Democratic-leaning state.

“I need folks in the United States Senate who every day are waking up thinking about the people who sent them there and trying to figure out, how do I make sure that they are getting a brighter future? That's who Ed Markey is. I need Ed Markey in the United States Senate,” Obama said to applause.

“We've got a whole lot of Democrats in this state, and a whole lot of Obama voters,” Obama said, his shirt sleeves rolled up. “But you can't just turn out during a presidential election. You've got to turn out in this election. You can't think, oh, I did my work in 2012. You've got some work to do right now in 2013. You can't just pat your back and say, well, I knocked on some doors back in November. I need you knocking on some doors right now in June.”

Before the rally, the president and Markey made time for some retail politics, making a surprise stop for lunch at Charlie's Sandwich Shoppe, "where hash rules,” in Boston's south end.

After shaking hands and posing for pictures, the president urged diners to get to the polls and send Markey to the Senate. “This guy’s been fighting for Massachusetts for a very long time,” he said.

“It seems like there’s an election every other week, but this one’s important,” he said. “You guys remember to vote now.”

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