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Obama Warns Against ‘Scary Voices’ in Political Ads

JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/GettyImages(MIAMI) -- President Obama Tuesday night warned Florida voters to be skeptical of the “scary voices” in political ads that will flood the state ahead of November’s election, and focus instead on the content of the candidates’ economic plans.

“They’ll say the economy is bad and it’s all my fault. That will be their message,” Obama said of Republicans.

“They’ll say well he can’t fix it because he thinks government is the answer, or he can’t fix it because he didn’t make a lot of money in the private sector, or he’s in over his head, or he thinks everybody’s doing just fine."

“That’s what the scary voices in the ads will be saying,” Obama explained. “That’s what Mr. Romney will say, that’s what Republicans in Congress will say, and since you’re in a battleground state you’ll hear this a lot.”

The president urged his audience to approach the November election not as a referendum on his record but as a choice of two starkly contrasting economic visions with high-stakes for the future. His critics, like

Presumtive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney says Obama himself promised to turn the economy around, and drop unemployment, and he's had enough time to do so since taking office.  In a speech earlier this month, Gov. Romney said, "We have waited, and waited, and waited for the recovery, and enough time has passed for us to pronounce judgment on the president’s economic policies. They have failed. They have not worked."

Obama sought to deflect the crticism by saying Tuesday night, "I understand it's a theory to win an election; it's sure not a plan to create jobs. It’s not a plan to grow our economy, it’s not a plan to restore the American dream. So ultimately the question for all of you is how much are you willing to fight for this?"

The president made the remarks at his seventh and final campaign fundraiser of a two-day swing that took him through New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Georgia and Florida. An estimated 1,500 supporters crammed the Jackie Gleason Theater in Miami Beach to see Obama up close; tickets started at $100.

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