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Palin Scolds Media for Seeking 'Scuttlebutt'; Posts Video of Tour

Andrew Burton/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- Sarah Palin isn't relying on the media to tell the story of her "One Nation" tour.

On Wednesday, she posted a statement on alluding to the media's focus on her unconventional interpretation of Paul Revere's midnight ride.  She also posted her own clip reel of highlights from her visits to the Northeast's historic sites.

"Even though the media too often sadly chose soundbites over substance, they did get lots of substance during our 'One Nation' tour from the nearly two dozen opportunities I got to speak candidly with them and talk about policy, politics, history and everything in between," she wrote.  "Not surprising, some members of the media missed a lot of this due to their relentless and futile search for scuttlebutt.  So, we assembled this video to capture the amazing Americana spirit of the places and people we visited."

Palin emphasized that "we'll keep moving forward...and we'll keep reporting on it ourselves."

The former Alaska governor is due to relaunch her tour in the coming weeks to visit the West Coast, Iowa and South Carolina.

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