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Pawlenty Meeting with Veep Vetter? He’s Not Telling

Richard Ellis/Getty Images(PORTAGE, Mich.) -- Tim Pawlenty is not meeting with Mitt Romney when he travels to New Hampshire Friday, just an hour's drive from the campaign’s Boston headquarters. But, is he meeting with veep vetter Beth Myers? He’s not telling.

“My schedule for this Friday and Saturday is in New Hampshire. I’m flying into Boston and then traveling immediately up to New Hampshire to start that schedule and I don’t think Gov. Romney is in Boston or around there on Friday or Saturday as I understand it,” Pawlenty told reporters.

When asked if he was meeting with Myers, Pawlenty said, “As it relates to VP questions and process we have a policy the campaign just doesn’t talk about the vice presidential vetting process, schedules, details, people involved all of that. I wish I had more for you.”

Pawlenty is holding four campaign and state party events in New Hampshire Saturday.

Pawlenty spoke to reporters at a campaign office, and when asked whether all the running mate speculation is “annoying” or “flattering” the former Minnesota governor didn’t skip a beat.

“All of it,” Pawlenty answered.

He’s at the top of possible vice presidential choices for Romney, but this is Pawlenty’s second time around. In 2008, if McCain didn’t go with Sarah Palin, Pawlenty would have been the next call.

He said Wednesday the process is giving him deja vu.

“I’ve been through this before,” Pawlenty said. “In 2008 I was on some speculators’ list as John McCain’s selection for VP. It’s an honor to be considered.”

Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin and Ohio Sen. Rob Portman are also thought to be at the top of the short list.

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