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Protester Charged for Outburst in House Chamber

File photo. (Jay Mallin/Bloomberg via Getty Images)(WASHINGTON) -- Rives Grogan, 48, was charged Tuesday with unlawful conduct for shouted protests from the gallery in the House chamber after members of the House of Representatives had concluded reading the U.S. Constitution.

As he was pulled out of Gallery 7 in the balcony level of the chamber, Grogan continued shouting and ranting about abortion, banning assault weapons, and terrorism.

“They’re killing our children with abortion. Somebody stop the terrorists!” Grogan yelled as officers attempted to restrain him. “Ban Assault Weapons! Abortion!”

Approximately a dozen U.S. Capitol Police officers responded to the outburst, temporarily closing down a corridor on the third floor of the U.S. Capitol. Grogan continued to yell in protest until he was pulled out of view from a small group of reporters who had assembled to watch the display.

This same protester ran onto the field during the MLB playoffs last October during a National League Division Series playoff game between the Cincinnati Reds and the San Francisco Giants.

Grogan also heckled the president at a campaign rally last November in Lima, Ohio, where he was dragged out of the balcony for yelling during the president's speech. He has also reportedly been removed from Supreme Court for yelling during arguments.

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