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Romney Says Marco Rubio is Being Vetted for Veep

ABC News (HOLLAND, Mich.) -- Marco Rubio is being vetted for the vice presidential spot, Mitt Romney told reporters in Michigan Tuesday afternoon.

“Marco Rubio is being thoroughly vetted as part of our process,” Romney said, adding reports from Tuesday that said Marco Rubio is not being vetted is “entirely false.”

“There was a story that originated today, apparently at ABC, based on reports of supposedly outside, unnamed advisors of mine,” Romney told reporters. “I can’t imagine who such people are but I can tell you this. They know nothing about the vice presidential selection or evaluation process. There are only two people in this country who know who are being vetted and who are not, and that’s Beth Myers and myself.”

Myers is Romney’s long time aide heading up the vice presidential search and vetting process.

“I know Beth well. She doesn’t talk to anybody,” Romney said.

Reports first by ABC News and later by others said that Rubio, favored by many conservatives as a possible running mate, was not on the Romney team’s short list and had not been asked to turn in any financial documentation or questionnaires typically required of potential running mates.

Earlier Tuesday, the presumptive GOP nominee said the number one quality he is looking for in a running mate is whether they are ready to take over the presidency if something were to happen to him.

The presumptive GOP nominee also wouldn’t bite when asked if he may announce a number two early, ahead of the conventions.

“I’ll consider a wide range of options,” Romney said. "At this stage, I haven’t made a decision as to who it will be or when it will be announced.  More traditionally, it’s announced right around the time of the convention.  And there are advantages of doing that, I’m sure.”

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