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Romney to Big Idaho Crowd: ‘Just Go Out and Vote’

Bill Pugliano/Getty Images(IDAHO FALLS, Idaho) -- Drawing one of his biggest crowds to date, Mitt Romney spoke to pulsating crowds packed into every corner of an Idaho high school.

Romney touted his patriotism, while seeming to be in awe of the vast numbers of people who came to hear him speak. He urged the throngs of voters to cast their ballots in his favor on Super Tuesday.

“You seem to be more than slightly inclined to support my candidacy, is that right?” an energized Romney asked the crowd of more than 2,000 in one of the school’s gymnasiums. “The Grizzlies basketball games must be something in here. I’ll tell ya, that kind of cheering is exciting.”

“I am extraordinarily moved and humbled by your support. I understand there is another room that I am about to go to,” said Romney. “They couldn’t fit everybody in here and there are a thousand people across the hall. So I am going to go over there and say ‘hi’ to those guys too.”

“I want you to know that I don’t need a lot. I just need you to go out and vote,” said Romney. "I want to make sure we win, we win solidly in Idaho, that I get the delegates I need to go on and win the nomination. Will you do that for me?”

It was Romney’s second trip to Idaho in the past two weeks, both visits garnering enthusiastic crowds for Romney, who focused primarily on distinguishing himself from President Obama.  Apart from the thousands that filled the two gymnasiums at the school, a line of hundreds more supporters snaked around the outside of the school.

Idaho Falls is home to one of the largest Mormon populations in the nation.

“We’re people that are patriotic, who are willing to serve one another, who, when called upon to make the sacrifice for America, will do it. Now, what we need in leadership is individuals who will tell the truth and will live with integrity. I will not embarrass you in the White House,” Romney said.

“When I am in the White house,” Romney promised, “if I make that final cut, if I am in the White House I will make my job getting good jobs for you. Helping the American people, using every ounce of my experience and my passion for this country to get America working again with rising incomes and a bright future.”

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