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Rush Limbaugh: White House Wanted Hurricane Irene to Be Much Worse

Bill Pugliano/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- Was Hurricane Irene a “national embarrassment?”

That’s what conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh is claiming.

Limbaugh went on a tirade Monday to complain that the storm was “politicized” to provide a boost to President Obama’s reelection chances in 2012.

According to the right-wing pundit, the White House and the national media were both hoping that Irene would cause far more death and destruction than what actually occurred.  A huge disaster would have revived Obama’s political fortunes, Limbaugh said, not to mention help prove climate change theory touted by the administration and the media.

Limbaugh mused, “It was a lesson, if you pay any attention to this, the hype, the desire for chaos, I mean literally, the media desire for chaos was a great learning tool, this was a great illustration of how all of the rest of the media in news, in sports, has templates and narratives and exaggerates beyond reality, creating fear so as to create interest.”

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