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Sarah Palin Defends Husband: Prostitution Accusations Were 'Big Lie'

Photo Courtesy - Mark Wilson/Getty Images(WASILA, Alaska) -- For the first time, Sarah Palin weighed in on the report from the National Enquirer linking her husband Todd to prostitutes in Alaska.

Appearing on the The Bob and Mark Morning Show, a radio call-in show in Alaska, the former governor said, “What hurts are the lies that come from Alaskans.”

She noted that the Anchorage Police Department denied the Enquirer story.  “Look at this recent BS about Todd supposedly being all caught up in a prostitution ring in Anchorage. And then APD had to come out and say bull, there’s no evidence," Palin said.

Indeed Lt. Dave Parker of the APD told the New York Daily News  "It was just guilt by innuendo, nothing else…There’s not one scintilla of evidence that Todd Palin had anything to do with this."

On the radio show Thursday morning, Palin added, “Heck, all they needed to do was ask me or ask Todd himself, ‘Hey, Todd, you been hanging out with hookers in Anchorage?’  And he’d tell the truth and obviously it was a big lie.”

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