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Sarah Palin's Clambake: Sign of Many More Gatherings to Come?

Randy Snyder/Getty Images(PORTSMOUTH, N.H.) -- Is it the end or just the beginning? Sarah Palin made what might be the last major stop of her Northeast tour Thursday evening in Seabrook, N.H., where she attended a clambake at the summer home of one of her staffer's families.

She arrived to a crowd of the usual media folk and two protesters.

Both male college students, they held signs saying "Idiot Queen" and "Palin for President, Do It for the Lulz." (Lulz is another way to say LOLs, online lingo for laughter.)

She spoke with them as soon as she arrived, asking, "Aren't you proud to be an American?"

After they nodded, she said, "Right on, that's good to know, we have that in common."

The ex-Alaska governor answered questions from the press before and after the dinner.

Much of what she said at the clambake, she's said before -- she spoke about how her tour is meant to celebrate what's great about America, her mixed feelings about jumping into the 2012 presidential race, and her disapproval of President Obama's handling of the economy and the country's foreign entanglements.

The clambake itself drew about three dozen people who mingled in the backyard of the seaside cottage despite blustery conditions.

Piper, Palin's youngest daughter, palled around with other children; Palin shook hands and posed for pictures. They both donned sweatshirts brandished with "New Hampshire" and an American flag to brave the cold.

Before jumping in her SUV and reportedly heading to another home to tape an interview with Fox News' Sean Hannity, Palin said she's looking forward to doing more clambake-like events where she gets to meet and greet potential voters.

But only after going back to Alaska to do laundry and load up the bus with more kids.

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