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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: Fiscal Cliff Is a National Security Issue

Win McNamee/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned Thursday that a failure to pass a budget deal would  have dangerous consequences for the global economy and weaken America’s standing in the world.

Clinton spoke at the Brookings Institute, where she outlined the state of the relationship between Europe and America. Clinton called a weak economic future on either side of the Atlantic one of the greatest threats to global security and transatlantic relations.

While she stressed that Europe needs to continue to fix problems with the euro zone, she also had a message for Washington.

“If we’re serious about strengthening our economic ties, we each need to build stronger foundations at home,” Clinton said. “For the United States, this means making tough political choices, it means investing in our own competitiveness to set the platform for stronger economic growth. And it means addressing our domestic fiscal challenges.

“Washington is gearing up for another round of budget negotiations and I am again hearing the concerns of the global implications of America’s economic choices,” she said. “And although I am now out of politics, let me assure you that for all the differences between the political parties here we are united in our commitment to protect American leadership and bolster our national security.   Reaching a meaningful budget deal is critical to both. This is a moment once again to prove the resilience of our economic system and reaffirm American leadership in the world. ”

Speaker of the House John Boehner, R-Ohio, said Thursday that fiscal cliff negotiations were not making any progress, but Democrats denied that.

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