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Stephen Colbert Tells Pro-Rick Perry PACs to 'Back Off'

Mike Coppola/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- Stephen Colbert sent a message to all the political action committees vying to become Rick Perry’s “super-PAC” Monday night, telling them, “Back off b*****s!  I saw him first!”

“I endorsed Perry weeks ago,” Colbert said in a segment Monday night.  “I already called shotgun though he may not have heard since people in Texas are always yelling shotgun, so hands off my Rick!  He’s the last donut on the office break room snack tray and I licked him.”

Since speculation has mounted about a Perry run, multiple grassroots groups have formed backing the Texas governor, including “Americans for Rick Perry,” “GrowPAC,” and the newest group “Make it Great Again,” which even sent an email telling potential supporters to ignore other groups claiming to be a super-PAC for Perry.

But to prove his commitment to Perry, Colbert vowed his super-PAC will air pro-Perry ads on the Iowa airwaves this Wednesday.

“Tonight I’m proud to announce that Colbert's super-PAC is releasing our first TV ad this Wednesday night in Des Moines, Iowa during all the local news broadcasts," he said.  "Check the local listings of commercials."

It looks like Iowans will have to tune into their local evening newscasts to see if Colbert’s gimmick becomes a reality.

The Texas governor will embark on a tour of the early state trifecta this weekend -- hitting South Carolina and New Hampshire on Saturday, followed by Iowa on Sunday.

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