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Cain Appears on 'Jimmy Kimmel'; Will Address Latest Accuser in Presser

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- In the midst of a barrage of sexual harassment allegations, including a forth accuser speaking out on Monday, Herman Cain made an appearance on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday night.

Kimmel devoted much of his opening monologue to the allegations made by Sharon Bialek, who is the latest woman to accuse Cain of sexual harassment during his tenure at the National Restaurant Association, and the first woman to come forward publicly in a press conference.

“Well all things considered, I’m still alive. It got off to somewhat of a rough start. We had a little surprise show up on TV,” Cain said.

In recent days Cain has refused to answer questions about the allegations, saying he wants to get his campaign “back on message.” But he did take questions from Kimmel regarding the sexual harassment allegations, announcing a press conference on Tuesday, and the need to set the record straight on this latest “firestorm.”

“At least it wasn’t one of the many that have the first name ‘Anonymous’ -- so now this one actually had a name and a face and we’re gonna see who it was and what it was, and tomorrow we’re gonna have a press conference,” Cain added.

Cain spoke about the amount of money he has raised since these allegations came out, describing record fundraising numbers. Kimmel asked Cain if he thought the other candidates would hire women to charge them with sexual harassment.

Cain joked, “If they’re smart they will.”

Cain also discussed his Chief of Staff Mark Block and the now-famous ad featuring him smoking a cigarette. Cain said that while the ad was not his idea, he still thought Mark was fantastic.

“He was convincing, and the little thing at the end, where he was kind of taking a puff … Well, we have a saying in my campaign: let Herman be Herman, let Mark be Mark, and let people be people. That’s really one of the themes of my whole campaign: he smokes. He wasn’t trying to tell anybody else to smoke. But that’s him. That was Mark being Mark,” he said.

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Pawlenty Runs into Trouble with 'Miracle on Ice' Footage in TV Ad

Scott Olson/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- In his new TV ad "The American Comeback," Tim Pawlenty hoped to position himself as a tenacious underdog by using footage of the famous U.S. hockey victory in the "Miracle on Ice," but so far he's only run into problems.

ABC, which owns the footage, reportedly will send the Pawlenty campaign a cease-and-desist letter, demanding that they stop using the footage.

Pawlenty spokesman Alex Conant says in a statement: "All of our campaign television advertising is carefully reviewed by the campaign's lawyers to ensure compliance with the copyright laws, the federal election laws, and other legal provisions.  The campaign's "Miracle on Ice" advertisement was carefully reviewed for legal compliance and we believe fully complies with the "fair use" doctrine.  We respect ABC's concern and look forward to responding to their inquiry."

According to a statement issued by ESPN: "Neither ABC nor ESPN has asked the Pawlenty campaign to remove any footage from their video, although neither ABC nor ESPN licensed the video to them or authorized its use."

In addition, Pawlenty's ad features the U.S. team's captain Mike Eruzione.  Eruzione, though, doesn't support Pawlenty -- he supports Mitt Romney.

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