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GOP Address: Rep. Kinzinger Calls for 'Jobs-Focused Governing' -- In this week's Republican Address, Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger addresses the Obama Administration's promises about jobs and the economic stimulus that he says never "panned out."

"Like you," Kinzinger says, "I remember the chart the president's economic team put out, you know, the one with the 'stimulus' -- unemployment would never go higher than eight percent.  I remember the press conference where the president says 90 percent of the jobs created by the 'stimulus' would be private sector jobs.  And there was the interview on CNN where one the president's top economic advisers said that jobs would be created 'immediately.'"

Kinzinger says businesses in the private sector often are coming and going because taxes are too high and government regulations are too "burdensome."  

Kinzinger continues by touting the House Republican blueprint "A Plan for America's Job Creators," which is built from the earlier Pledge for America.  He says the plan is a "jobs-focused governing agenda, hatched up when his party took control of the House last fall.

Although Kinzinger says Republicans are willing to work with the President on a solid job creation plan, he makes clear the GOP's stance on the looming credit limit.

"…under no circumstances will Republicans support irresponsible legislation which increases the federal government's credit limit without any spending cuts or budgetary reforms.  It is High time we put up the government's credit cards and draw a hard line to stop the government from overspending, which is hampering out economy's ability to grow and thrive," he says.

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