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Sheboygan Mayor Blames Alcoholism for Bender and Bar Brawl, Wis.) -- Mayor Bob Ryan says he shouldn't have to resign over a three-day bender and bar brawl, because he is an admitted alcoholic and is getting treatment.

The city council has requested that Ryan, who had had two previous public episodes of drunken and disorderly behavior, give up his post, but the mayor says many of his constituents still support him and he deserves "one more chance."

"It's not a pretty picture. It's shameful, it's embarrassing, it's indefensible, and unfortunately who I am and who I have been for a long time," Ryan told ABC News affiliate WBAY-TV in Green Bay. Ryan declined an interview with ABC News on Monday.

Ryan told WBAY-TV he will be entering intensive treatment for his alcoholism and is hoping that his public promise to the residents of Sheboygan will be enough to stave off a forced removal.

"I asked the people to give me this one more chance," he said. "If I fail at this, I will be the first to walk away before I hit the headlines."

Alderman Eric Rindfleisch, president of the Common Council, told the press on Thursday that he would support a move to have Ryan resign not because of his alcoholism, but because of how the behavior reflects on the city and its people:

"I would no more remove someone for the disease of alcoholism than I would for the disease of cancer. It's not the alcoholism, it's the embarrassment issue to the city," he said.

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