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Romney Rails Obama for Leaving Washington While Economy Suffers

Darren McCollester/Getty Images(ALLENTOWN, Pa.) -- During a brief press conference outside a failed factory in Pennsylvania, presidential candidate Mitt Romney continued to rail against President Barack Obama, criticizing him for being out on the campaign trail when he "doesn't even have a primary opponent."

"He shouldn't leave that town," Romney said of the president, who left Washington D.C., Thursday to go to Pennsylvania for several fundraisers. "The president's time has been spent playing golf and campaigning, he should be spending his time and energy on getting Americans back to work and fixing this economy."

Before taking questions from the media, Romney explained his backdrop -- the shuttered, overgrown Allentown Metal Works building.

"This is the place President Obama visited about a year and a half ago and indicted that this was symbol of success of his stimulus program," said Romney. "And as you look and see the weeds growing and the windows boarded up you can recognize it more as a symbol of the failure of Obama's economic policies."

"The plant here has been open 100 years and it survived the Great Depression but it could not survive the Obama economy," said Romney.

Romney even credited President Obama with his venue choice Thursday, saying, "He was the one who came here, I didn't pick this spot, he did. This is the spot he picked to symbolize the success of the stimulus and my eyes tell me it ain't working."

Pushed several times for specifics on what he would do to save the struggling economy, Romney said that he would tell Congress to cut spending, put in place a cap on federal spending and put in a balanced budget amendment to make sure we don't spend more than we take in.

Romney answered questions from four different reporters and spoke for just over nine minutes before leaving the factory, not stopping to greet a handful of voters who came out to see the former governor.

One such voter was visibly disappointed he didn't get to shake hands with Romney, telling ABC News that he'd come out Thursday to tell the presidential hopeful his favorite laissez-faire campaign slogan -- "We don't need a mommy, we need Mitt Romney."

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