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GOP Address: Missouri Congressional Candidate Wants to Get Government 'Out of the Way' of Small Business -- First-time candidate for congress, Ann Wagner, delivers this week's Republican address, calling for government to "get out of the way" of small businesses to get the economy growing.  

Wagner, who would represent Missouri's Second Congressional District should she win, speaks personally about working in her own family's carpet business growing up, particularly how government decisions helped or hindered the business' growth.

Wagner says that experience showed that "When we get government off the backs of our job creators, small businesses have a better chance of thriving. And we small businesses thrive, so does our economy."

In addition to tax reform and repealing the president's health care law, Wagner says expanding the exploration and use of natural gas and coal would help to create jobs.

"These are all good ideas that Mitt Romney supports, but President Obama has ignored or rejected.  That’s disappointing, especially considering how his policies have failed.  He promised to listen, promised us change, but all we’ve gotten is more of the same.  More spending, more red tape, more debt and decline.  A loss of hope," she says in the address.

"We cannot go on like this.  This election is not about President Obama the person, it’s about his failed Presidency and failed leadership. Our country is going in the wrong direction – and Mitt Romney is the only leader who can turn this economy around, get Americans back to work and build the better America our parents worked and sacrificed to make possible," Wagner says, urging voters to throw their support behind Mitt Romney.

“That's the opportunity before us.  And it’s the one we must seize, for the sake of our children and the future of our great nation."

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