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Beau Biden Defends Father’s Vice Presidential Debate Performance

(NEW YORK) -- Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden defended his father Vice President Joe Biden’s debate performance, saying his laughter and facial expressions did not undermine the substance of his comments at last week’s debate.

“I’m happy to defend my dad. I don’t think he needs any defensiveness. Any time the other side – Karl Rove or folks on the far right – are going after my father for smiling too much, you know that’s a victory,” Beau Biden said Sunday morning on “This Week.” “My father spoke clearly to the American people about the facts, and you saw him do that for 90 minutes straight.”

“This isn’t about how much my father smiled or how many gallons of water that the congressman drank nervously on that stage,” Biden quipped. “It’s about talking directly to the American people about very important facts.”

Biden charged Republican vice presidential nominee Rep. Paul Ryan with not being “up to speed on foreign policy,” criticizing Ryan for his comments during the debate on troop levels in Afghanistan.

“You had him suggest, if not open the door, to put additional troops in Afghanistan. So it was a remarkable position to take,” Biden said. “It demonstrated, I think, that, you know, the congressman is not quite up to speed on foreign policy as you might want a would-be vice president to be.”

“You heard my father clearly articulate that we wouldn’t have forces in Afghanistan by 2014,” Biden added, “and you’ve seen here the congressman equivocate on that, in fact, not be willing to guarantee the American people that we wouldn’t have forces in Afghanistan.”

Beau Biden also defended Vice President Biden for saying at the debate that “we did not know they wanted more security again,” regarding American officials in Libya requesting more security before the attack that killed four Americans at the consulate in Benghazi last month.

The Obama administration said the vice president was referring to the White House not knowing about the security request, despite the State Department being notified. “He was speaking for himself and the president, as you heard Jay Carney tell you in the briefing room just the other day,” Beau Biden said.

Biden criticized the Romney campaign for politicizing the Libya issue, saying “These are folks that seem to be more interested in kind of pounding their chest to make the neoconservatives who advise them proud than they are about being serious about foreign policy and protecting our national interests around the world.”

“This is a tragedy when we lose an ambassador and three other personnel,” Biden said. “This is not a moment in time where we should be politicizing these issues… And the idea that Romney and Ryan are suggesting that the President of the United States doesn’t take seriously the security of our diplomats and Foreign Service officers around the world I find absolutely outrageous.”

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Joe Biden Calls GOP a 'Different Breed of Cat'

ABC News(PORTSMOUTH, Ohio) – Vice President Joe Biden often proclaims how different the Republican Party is from generations ago, but in Portsmouth, Ohio, Sunday, he had a new way to describe them – a “different breed of cat.”

“They’re not bad guys. It’s just a different, as my brother would say, different breed of cat,” Biden said at Portsmouth High School.

In nearly every speech, Biden cites the transformation of the GOP with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan now at the helm of the party, telling audiences, “This is not your father’s Republican Party.”

Biden, whose son Beau is an Iraq war veteran, stressed the importance of acknowledging the sacrifices and contributions made by U.S. troops, a talking point he’s focused on since Romney failed to mention Afghanistan in his convention speech in August.

“Folks, folks, let me ask you: How many of you, like me, had a son or a daughter who went to Iraq or Afghanistan? How many of you have a brother or sister. How many of you know somebody who’s gone? You all know, you all know, we owe these young women and men an incredible debt to them, we owe those families an incredible debt,” he said.

“Those of you who have people deployed, you know — five, ten times a day, it just flashes through your mind. Folks we owe so much,” Biden later added. “This is going to go down, when we record this 9/11 generation, as the second greatest generation in the history of this country.”

On NBC’s Meet the Press Sunday, Romney continued to defend his omission of Afghanistan from his speech at the Republican National Convention, saying that policy is more important than words.

“I have some differences on policy with the president. I happen to think those are more important than what word I mention in each speech,” Romney said.

A crowd of 700 gathered at the local high school to listen to Biden, who has campaigned in the state over the weekend and will return to the state Wednesday. The vice president expressed his comfort level campaigning in an area similar to where he grew up in Pennsylvania.

“If you know northeast Pennsylvania, you’ll not be surprised. It’s not a whole lot different than southern Ohio, or actually a lot of parts of Ohio,” Biden said. “I feel really comfortable here. I’ve been here a lot. I plan on coming back a lot.”

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