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To Bill Maher, Super PACs Are the Designated Hitters

ABC/Lorenzo Bevilaqua(WASHINGTON) -- Self-described pot-smoking atheist funny person Bill Maher just gave $1 million to President Obama’s Super PAC to inspire other rich liberals to do the same, and he has no regrets.

But he does have a lot less money now.

“It hurts my bank account,” Maher told ABC News.

Maher announced his giant check of a contribution to Priorities USA Action at the end of a comedy show that was streamed on Yahoo! last night.

The Super PAC started by Obama’s former White House aides had a rough January. While the Super PACs supporting Republican candidates reported raising millions of dollars, Priorities USA Action scraped in just $59,000.

Part of the reason for the pathetic showing is that Democrats are less interested in embracing the technically independent political groups that Obama once derided after the “Citizens United” Supreme Court decision birthed them. Obama recently reversed his position and is sending his cabinet secretaries to fundraising events for the super PAC, not breaking any laws but drawing a clear connection between PAC and candidate.

Maher said he can still sleep soundly because PACs are following the rules of the game -- even if Obama might want the rules changed.

“My analogy is like, I’m against a designated hitter, but if I was the National League manager in the World Series, I wouldn’t not use the designated hitter because I would wait until they changed the rule about the designated hitter,” he said. “As long as we’re playing the game as it’s written.”

Now Maher, an outspoken liberal who uses his HBO platform to spread laughs and Democratic talking points, has inducted himself into an elite club of rich people trying to influence the election. It includes Mitt Romney backers John Paulson, Edward Conard, Paul Singer and Bob Perry; Rick Santorum benefactor Foster Friess; Obama fan Jeffrey Katzenberg; and of course Newt Gingrich’s bankroller, billionaire casino tycoon Sheldon Adelson.

Maher has donated to political campaigns before, including contributions to Al Franken and Obama, but never anything close to $1 million.

“Hey, rich liberals,” he said. “If I can do this, there’s a lot of people who can do it even easier.”

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Bill Maher Cuts Big Check to Pro-Obama SuperPAC

ABC/Lorenzo Bevilaqua(NEW YORK) -- Bill Maher has reportedly become one of the biggest backers of pro-Obama superPAC Priorities USA Action.

The liberal comedian and talk show host on Thursday night presented a $1 million personal check written to Priorities during his comedy special “CrazyStupidPolitics: Live from Silicon Valley” which streamed on

Publicist Sarah Fuller later told Deadline Hollywood that Maher considers the donation “the wisest investment” he could make, believing that keeping Obama in the White House is “worth a million dollars” compared with the Republican alternative.

A spokesperson for Priorities USA Action did not immediately respond to ABC News’ request for comment on the gift.

Maher’s $1 million contribution comes as the liberal group continues to raise funds to compete with its pro-Republican counterparts.

Priorities USA Action raised just $4.1 million in all of 2011, relying largely on benefactors like Dreamworks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg who gave $2 million and director Steven Spielberg who chipped in $100,000.

The group reportedly had just $59,000 in donations in January.

Last month President Obama moved to encourage his supporters to support Priorities, reversing an earlier decision to maintain distance from the group.

Obama's official reelection campaign fundraising machine is running strong; he recently staged a pair of star-studded $36,000-a plate fundraisers in Hollywood, and passed the can in Florida on Thursday, as First lady Michelle Obama appeared at a fundraiser in Ohio.

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Herman Cain Says Gingrich's Attacks are a Poor Strategy

ABC News(LOS ANGELES) -- In a rare appearance since his bid for the White House ended abruptly in a hail of sexual allegations, Herman Cain appeared live tonight on the Bill Maher show on HBO to say that America needs to "lighten up – and not be so uptight about everything."

Cain weighed in on the controversy over Newt Gingrich's recent attacks on Mitt Romney for the work he did with Bain Capital that sometimes involved cutting jobs in client businesses.

Some Republicans have criticized Gingrich, saying such attacks might be expected from a Democrat, not a fellow Republican.

"That was poor strategy," Cain said, adding that when he took over the struggling Godfather Pizza chain he also had to cut jobs before he grew the business. "That was an irrelevant attack. That is how we grow businesses in America."

Maher asked Cain about his famous campaign ad in which a top Cain aide smoked a cigarette on camera. Cain defended the unconventional choice.

Maher said he liked to smoke pot, and asked if he could he do that in ad too?

Cain replied: "You can smoke pot all you want, just not on my campaign."

Cain appeared in tuxedo via satellite from Los Angeles where he was attending a movie premiere.

"I don't agree with a word you say, but I like you a lot," Maher, the notoriously left-leaning comedian, told Cain.

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