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President Obama's Birthday Wish List

White House Photo by Pete Souza(WASHINGTON) -- President Obama turns 51 Saturday, but the birthday gifts are already pouring in. Employment numbers released Friday showed larger-than-expected gains in the workforce, with 163,000 new jobs added in June. Economists were predicting that number to come in at around 95,000.

But it wasn't all iPhones and Bulls tickets for the president. He copped an ugly, oversized holiday sweater, too, in the form of an unemployment rate that ticked up one-tenth of a point, to 8.3 percent, prompting the Romney campaign to call the news a "hammer blow to struggling middle-class families."

So a mixed bag for the incumbent, who will for the fourth time Saturday celebrate his birthday from the commander-in-chief's seat. If there's going to be a fifth such occasion, the president will need a few more goodies to fall in his lap in the next few months. With that in mind, ABC News takes a look ahead at what might be going through his head Saturday as he blows out the candles on the First Cake.

Wish No. 1: More job growth. As much and likely more than anything else, a second Obama administration hinges on these big economic numbers trending upward. Same, in reverse, for the unemployment rate, which has not dropped south of 8 percent at anytime during his presidency.

Wish No. 2: Harry Reid to produce the mystery man who has allegedly been telling the Democratic Senate majority leader that Mitt Romney didn't pay taxes for a decade. Twice now, Reid has claimed he was approached by a person who had done business with Romney's old company Bain Capital and told that the candidate didn't pay a nickel in taxes for 10 straight years. If Reid is telling the truth and, more importantly, his "source" is, too, it could look pretty good for President Obama.

Wish No. 3: A third-party candidate joins the race and voters actually notice, however unlikely. Mitt Romney has never been particularly popular with the Tea Party-wing of the GOP, so a wildcat campaign by someone rich enough to fund his or her own candidacy, but with the conservative credentials to rally dispirited partisans, could spell doom for the challenger.

Some potential, if unlikely, choices: Texas Rep. Ron Paul (He has said he won't do it, but there's still time for a change of heart); Michael Bloomberg (The lame-duck NYC mayor has the cash and will need a new job); Donald Trump (If there's one man who could touch off a tidal flow of moderates to the president's camp, it is The Donald).

Wish No.4: Mitt Romney goes overseas and makes a handful of cartoonish faux pas, distracting the public from a building controversy over the president's "You didn't build that" remark. "Happy Birthday, Mr. President, this gift has already been delivered."

In context or not, fair or not, Republicans were hitting the president hard on the comment, in which Obama attempts to explain what he perceives to be the root of economic success in America, namely, the hard work, support and tax money of your fellow citizens. But the comedy of errors that was Romney's overseas adventure stuck a fork, for now, in that storyline. (And with a decision on a running mate in short order, it could be a while before those attacks are revived.)

Wish No. 5: For those guys at the European Union to quit bickering and prevent a global economic collapse. Or, more wonkily stated, for European Union fiscal policy advisers in Brussels, with the acquiescence of the Germans, to settle on a course of action, unite behind it, then formulate precise and coherent plans to save the crumbling economies of Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Italy. Because if they don't, you can be sure a new wave of economic troubles will break on U.S. shores sooner than later.

Wish No. 7: A November Surprise! Something crazy. Maybe the U.S. economy will return to full employment on the Monday before the election? A president can dream.

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How Will Romney Spend His 65th Birthday?

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- Mitt Romney plans to celebrate his 65th birthday on the stump in Alabama Monday, where he will hold a campaign event in Mobile alongside new backer and comedian Jeff Foxworthy.

Romney will then jet back to Florida to attend a high-dollar fundraiser in Miami without his wife, Ann, who will stay in Alabama to campaign on his behalf on Monday.

Seems like this year the birthday tradition of Ann cooking Romney’s favorite dinner -- personal size meatloaf cakes with a brown sugar and ketchup sauce -- will have to wait.´╗┐

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Obama Celebrates Birthday in Private, Star-Studded Party

Official White House Photo by Pete Souza(WASHINGTON) -- White House officials offered no details about the Rose Garden barbecue and birthday party thrown for President Obama on Thursday night.  No menu, no guest list, the event did not appear on his official schedule.

ABC’s Ann Compton reports that the Obama family paid for the celebration out of its own pocket.

“Just left the Presidents birthday party at the White House. Herbie Hancock played, Stevie Wonder sang and yes they did the electric slide. A great night,” comedian Chris Rock tweeted.

Other tidbits of the fete have trickled out from the blog ObamaFoodorama and Politico’s Jennifer Epstein.

Rock joined other celebrities such as Tom Hanks, Jay-Z, Charles Barkley, Steve Harvey and Grant Hill, as well as the Rev. Al Sharpton, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, White House chief of staff Bill Daley, senior adviser David Plouffe, political advisers David Axelrod and Robert Gibbs, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, and more.

The menu included barbecue chicken, ribs, hamburgers and hot dogs, pasta, and salad. The president loves pie, so last night he had a choice of apple, cherry, huckleberry and/or peach.

After the first lady and daughters Sasha and Malia gave the president a cake, the festivities moved into the East Room where Hancock and Stevie Wonder performed, and a DJ spun tunes.

This was at least the fourth celebration of the president turning 50. In addition to the Rose Garden barbecue, his reelection campaign threw both small and large-ticket parties/fundraisers for the president in Chicago on the eve of his birthday. Aides feted him in the Blue Room at noon on his birthday.

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President Obama's Big Bucks Birthday Bash

JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)(WASHINGTON) -- President Obama turns 50 on Thursday, but he's planning to celebrate a day early.

Fresh off a bruising debt ceiling debate, and an announcement that the administration is pivoting back to a focus on jobs, Obama heads to his hometown Chicago Wednesday night for a lavish birthday-themed fundraiser at the historic Aragon Ballroom.

Organizers expect a crowd of roughly 1,000 supporters, who each paid between $50 and $35,800 to attend. The money flows to the Obama Victory Fund, a joint account for Obama’s re-election campaign and the Democratic National Committee.  

Guests will be entertained with performances by Chicago native musicians Jennifer Hudson, Herbie Hancock, and the rock group OK Go.  

The president will also address the crowd, but will likely not be catching the musical show, a campaign aide said.

Before the speech, Obama plans to hold an exclusive, live-stream video teleconference with thousands of volunteers celebrating his birthday at one of 11,000 grassroots meetings across the country.

After his address at the Aragon, aides say, he will meet privately with a smaller group of VIP attendees, between 80 and 100, before returning to Washington D.C. for the night.

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Obama 50th Birthday Party Still A Go

Official White House Photo by Pete Souza(WASHINGTON) -- The White House remains confident that a deal to raise the debt ceiling will be reached by next Tuesday, so much so, that the president is still scheduled to spend next Wednesday in Chicago, celebrating his 50th birthday at two DNC events.

“We're confident that this will be resolved. Obviously, if it's not, we'll address the schedule accordingly,” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters Friday.

The president, whose actual birthday is next Thursday, August 4th, will not, however, be spending the night in his hometown. For now, he is set to return to the White House Wednesday evening.

“You know that we've adjusted our schedule throughout this process as necessary.  But we believe Congress will act, do the responsible thing, pass bipartisan legislation that gets to the president's desk and is signed into law, so that we can lift this cloud that's hanging over our economy,” Carney said.

So far, the president has no other events scheduled for next week.

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Dingell Celebrates 85th Birthday, House Celebrates

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- Although Congress is bitterly divided on a solution to the nation’s looming debt limit crisis, there was a rare bipartisan moment on the House floor on Friday when Republicans and Democrats alike took to the floor to honor the longest serving member of Congress in U.S. history, the Dean of the House, Rep. John Dingell, D-Mich., who’s now 85 years old.

“Ladies and gentlemen this is a wonderful day of celebration,” Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, D-Maryland began. “Today we celebrate the 85th birthday of an extraordinary American. An American who has served over 5/8ths of his life in this House”

The chamber, which was full of members following a vote, erupted into applause.

Dingell, who walks slowly with two canes and uses a wheelchair to commute between the Capitol and his congressional office across the street, stood up in the chamber to wave and acknowledge the bipartisan gesture from his congressional colleagues.

Dingell, born July 8, 1926, is about three years younger than Rep. Ralph Hall, R-Texas, the oldest member of the House. Elected at age 29 and now serving in his 29th term, the Michigan Democrat has served longer than any other member in the history of the Congress -- House or Senate.

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President, First Lady Celebrate Michelle Obama's 47th Birthday

Photo Courtesy - The White House(WASHINGTON) -- Journalists traveling with the president Monday night reported that Obama took his wife to celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck's restaurant, The Source, for dinner on her 47th birthday.

The first couple left the White House by motorcade around 7:20 p.m. ET, braving an icy, light rain to travel several blocks down Pennsylvania Ave. for the dinner. They spent a little more than two hours in the sleek, modern, three-story restaurant with a menu billed as "pan-Asian" by a local food critic where a seven-course prix fixe dinner can run $125 per person without alcohol ($200 with wine or sake).

But when asked what was on the menu for the president and first lady, the White House was mum on the topic.

Word also had it that they left their girls, Malia and Sasha, back at the White House and it was just the couple dining out Monday night.

Last year, Obama took his wife to another popular Washington establishment, Restaurant Nora, which billed itself as America's first certified organic restaurant, for her 46th birthday.

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