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Meghan McCain To Sarah Palin: 'Who You Calling a Blue Blood?'

Photo Courtesy - ABC News(NEW YORK) -- Meghan McCain is taking on her father’s 2008 running mate, accusing Sarah Palin of fueling a “cultural war” within the Republican Party.  In a blog posted to The Daily Beast, Meghan McCain responds to Sarah Palin’s claim that the Bush family members are “blue bloods,” admitting that she is one, too.

“Welcome to the echo chamber! This week's (or possibly month's) latest rhetorical talking point is ‘blue bloods.’ And guess what? In the way it has been used I am probably considered one and so is the entire Bush family, not to mention countless others. And who else would deliver such a catchy media talking point than, yes, Sarah Palin,” McCain writes.

Palin dismissed the Bush family as “blue bloods” last week after Barbara Bush told CNN’s Larry King during a discussion about the 2012 presidential race that “Sarah Palin should stay in Alaska.” The former Alaska governor responded by telling Laura Ingraham that “of course they think that, the Bushs are blue bloods.”

Sen. John McCain’s daughter, who admits she had to Google the meaning of “blue bloods,” accuses Palin of escalating “a war within the Republican Party itself about what kind of people we want leading the party. This type of rhetoric will continue to alienate and stereotype Republicans that don't pass cultural purity tests. We are watching the old-fashioned spirit of the Republican Party that once served us so well abused for the purpose of clever talking points.”

“Instead of sitting around and opining about who is too much of an elitist or a ‘blue blood’ within our own party, our leaders need to start educating this country about the shortcomings of the Obama administration and why smaller government is a fundamentally more effective way of governing,” McCain explains.

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