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Jindal to Obama: ‘Stop Scaring the American People’

Alex Wong/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- Gov. Bobby Jindal barely had time to finish dessert in the State Dining Room before he came to cameras on the North Drive of the White House to accuse his lunch host of fear-mongering about impending spending cuts.

“He’s trying to scare the American people. He’s trying to distort the impact,” Jindal said. “The president needs to stop campaigning. Stop trying to scare the American people.”

The Louisiana Republican delivered his criticism of President Obama just steps away from the Oval Office following a lunch hosted by the president for governors of all 50 states. He used the opportunity to talk about the looming across-the-board spending cuts scheduled to go into effect on Friday.

“To me that’s a lack of leadership — for him to send out his cabinet secretaries to warn about all kinds of devastating consequences when we’re talking about a federal budget that will still be larger than last year’s budget,” Jindal said.

While Jindal was speaking, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano was about 50 feet away talking to reporters in the White House briefing room — warning that the spending cuts could make America less secure.

“I’m not here to scare people,” Napolitano said when asked about Jindal’s comments. “If people are scared, it’s because the full impact of this is finally being made evident. And so people now are saying, oh my gosh, what do I need to do?”

Napolitano said the cut — which she said would force her to trim the Homeland Security budget by about 5 percent — would force dramatic cuts across the department, including reductions in the number of border security and TSA agents.

In advance of the president’s meeting with the governors, the White House prepared a state-by-state list of how the spending cuts will have a negative impact on education, health and security.

The list of things to happen to Louisiana includes some very specific numbers: approximately 1,730 fewer children receiving vaccines, 400 fewer victims of domestic violence receiving help, 1,400 children thrown out of Head Start and Early Start, and 600 disadvantaged children losing access to child care.

“There’s no reason to be threatening people’s access to vaccines or health care services. What’s next? Is he going to threaten to open the federal prisons? This is ridiculous. This is just a political campaign and he needs to stop the campaigning,” Jindal told ABC News. “The president needs to show leadership and tell Congress how he can cut $85 billion without cutting these critical services.”

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La. Gov. Bobby Jindal’s Advice to GOP: ‘Stop Being the Stupid Party’ 

Mario Tama/Getty Images(CHARLOTTE, N.C.) -- Although Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is already the subject of speculation as a potential GOP presidential contender four years from now, if you ask him, it’s way too soon for speculating.

“Any Republican that’s thinking about running for president in 2016 needs to get his head examined,” Jindal told reporters after delivering a dinner speech at the Republican National Committee winter meeting Thursday night.

He added, “We’ve got a lot of work between now and the next midterm elections. …We’ve got to get the Republican Party back on track.”

In his remarks to the gathering, he also offered some tough medicine for the GOP, including this piece of advice: “We must stop being the stupid party.  It’s time for a new Republican party that talks like adults.  It’s time for us to articulate our plans and visions for America in real terms.  We had a number of Republicans damage the brand this year with offensive and bizarre comments.  We’ve had enough of that.”

Whether or not Jindal ultimately emerges as a top presidential contender, look for him to be a major presence, not just in Louisiana, but around the country as well as a key figure in helping the party chart its course forward.

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Romney to Visit Areas Damaged by Hurricane Isaac

John Moore/Getty Images(LAKELAND, Fla.) -- In a last minute change of plans, Mitt Romney will head to visit storm affected areas in Louisiana on Friday, skipping a previously scheduled joint rally with Paul Ryan in the battleground state of Virginia Friday afternoon.

A Romney aide told ABC News that Romney will “join [Lousiana] Gov. [Bobby] Jindal and will meet with first responders, thank them for their work and see areas impacted by the storm in LaFitte, La.”

Jindal cancelled his plans earlier this week to attend the Republican National Convention after Hurricane Isaac moved up the Gulf Coast and wreaked damage across Louisiana.  There have so far been two reported deaths in Louisiana as a result of the storm and widespread damage and flooding.  The storm hit on the seven-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

The Romney campaign had been working to determine how they could visit the region throughout the week, and made the announcement on Friday.  It's also the same day that Romney was outfitted with his new campaign plane.  The trip to Louisiana will be its maiden voyage.

Later on Friday, White House press secretary Jay Carney announced aboard Air Force One that President Obama will visit Louisiana on Monday to meet with officials and those impacted by the hurricane.

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Jindal Skips Another GOP Convention With a Storm in Mind

Andrew Burton/Getty Images(BATON ROUGE, La.) -- As Tropical Storm Isaac barrels toward the Gulf Coast, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said Monday that he’ll forgo attending the Republican National Convention in Tampa Fla., in order to focus on monitoring and making preparations for the storm.

“I will not be speaking or attending the Republican convention in Florida,” he told a news conference in Baton Rouge. “There is no time for politics here in Louisiana.”

Jindal had been slated to speak Wednesday night.

This is the second time Mother Nature has thwarted Jindal’s convention plans. The Louisiana governor was slated to speak at the GOP convention in St. Paul, Minn. in 2008, but cancelled because of Hurricane Gustav.

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley and Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant canceled their trips to Tampa over the weekend, and Florida Gov. Rick Scott called off his convention appearances to monitor Isaac, which is expected to elevate to hurricane status in the coming days.

Tropical Storm Isaac’s projected path nearly mirrors the course taken by Hurricane Katrina, which hit New Orleans and the Gulf Coast region seven years ago this week.

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Jindal Defends Romney over Olympics Security Criticism

Andrew Burton/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- Mitt Romney’s recent Olympics flap may have caused a stir overseas, but two top Romney surrogates here in the U.S. -- Govs. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana and Bob McDonnell of Virginia -- don’t think the comments will cause a major problem for the former Massachusetts governor.

“We’re not worried about overseas headlines. We’re worried about voters back here at home in America,”  Jindal said on a conference call Thursday afternoon.  “Gov. Romney has said that he expected the London Olympics to be a phenomenal success.  The reality is we’re all rooting for our American athletes. We hope they come back with a bunch of medals, and I’m sure they’re going to be very successful, but the reality is the focus needs to continue to be on the issues that are important to voters back home.”

McDonnell, who toured Iowa aboard a Romney campaign bus with Jindal Thursday, chimed in after the Louisiana governor’s response, saying, “I agree.”

Romney, who often touts his leadership of the 2002 Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, ruffled some feathers in London when he said there were “disconcerting” signs about London’s preparedness for the Olympic games.

Some major British figures have responded to Romney’s doubts, saying the city is ably prepared to host this summer’s Olympics.

“We are holding an Olympic Games in one of the busiest, most active, bustling cities anywhere in the world. Of course it’s easier if you hold an Olympic Games in the middle of nowhere,” Prime Minister David Cameron told the Daily Telegraph.

Cameron later told reporters he “felt a vote of confidence” from a private conversation he held with Romney about the Olympic Games.

Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, took to Hyde Park, where 60,000 people gathered to celebrate the end of the Olympic torch run, and made a dig at Romney as he asked the crowd whether the city was ready for the Olympics.

“There are some people coming from around the world who don’t yet know if we are ready,” Johnson said. “There’s a guy called Mitt Romney who wants to know whether we are ready. Are we ready? Yes we are!”

Gov. Romney's comments were made in response to, ironically, overseas headlines -- about a security company hired to keep watch over the Games; U.K. soldiers have been tapped to try to fill some of the gaps reportedly caused by the firm.

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Jindal, McDonnell Will Tour Iowa on Romney Bus Thursday

gov [dot] louisiana [dot] gov(DES MOINES, Iowa) -- Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, two potential VP contenders, are being deployed to Iowa to campaign on behalf of Mitt Romney while he is on an overseas trip, ABC News has learned.

As first reported by the Des Moines Register, the two governors and high profile Romney surrogates will jump on the Romney campaign bus in Iowa on Thursday. McDonnell will hold an event in Davenport Thursday morning and will meet Jindal at an event at the Victory Center in Coralville in the early afternoon. Jindal then will campaign in Newton and Des Moines.

Jindal campaigned in Iowa last December ahead of the caucuses there, but for another GOP candidate -- Texas Gov. Rick Perry, whom the Louisiana governor initially endorsed in the Republican primaries. Jindal endorsed Romney in April and has hit the trail in recent weeks for him, including a rally last week in Columbus.

McDonnell, who endorsed Romney one day ahead of the South Carolina primary, has campaigned for the presumptive GOP nominee in Virginia, Florida, Michigan and South Carolina.

The Romney campaign is also utilizing another high profile surrogate, Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla, this week while Romney is overseas on his first foreign trip of the campaign. Rubio will hold solo rallies Saturday in the swing states of Colorado and Nevada, including one at his old elementary school in Las Vegas.

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Jindal Stumps for Romney in Ohio, Slams Obama, But No Mention of Veepstakes

gov [dot] louisiana [dot] gov(COLUMBUS, Ohio) -- Standing before a crowd squeezed into a small room at Mitt Romney’s Ohio headquarters, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal hammered President Obama for trying to distract voters from his record by distorting Romney’s experience.

The president, "can't run on his record. He can’t run on his policies, so all he can do is attack Governor Romney. All he can do is distort his policies. All he can do is make up allegations, try to distract our attention away from his failed performance and the economy today. They’ve distorted what Governor Romney did as governor. They distorted what he did in the private sector. They’ve even gone after what he did in high school,” Jindal said at the campaign headquarters here.

“I’m just glad we’re not talking about what I did in high school,” Jindal lightly added.

Jindal, who appeared with Romney earlier this week at a fundraiser in Baton Rouge, made no reference to the vice presidential selection process, instead focusing his time on sharpening his attacks against the president, calling him “the most incompetent, most liberal” president since Jimmy Carter.

“The president himself made some promises. Remember he said if he couldn’t get this economy turned around in three years, it’d be a one-term proposition. Now he’s broken a lot of promises. That’s one promise I’d actually like him to keep,” Jindal said.

“This president has never run anything before we elected him POTUS, never ran a lemonhead stand, never ran a business, never ran a state,” he later added.

Jindal, who endorsed Texas Gov. Rick Perry in the primary, has ramped up his appearances on behalf of Romney in recent weeks, but the two have yet to appear together at a public event. Earlier this month, Jindal bracketed President Obama’s bus tour in Ohio with former Gov. Tim Pawlenty, and he spoke at the lavish retreat Romney’s campaign held for its top donors in Park City, Utah, last month.

The Louisiana governor, who also hosted a business roundtable at White Castle headquarters and attended a fundraiser for Senate candidate Josh Mandel, was one of a number of potential VP candidates to campaign across the country for Romney on Wednesday. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush spoke to supporters at an event in Hamilton, Ohio. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie held fundraisers in Washington, D.C., and Chicago is headlining a fundraiser with Pawlenty Wednesday evening in Minnesota.

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Romney Senior Advisor Says No VP Has Been Chosen 

Hemera/Thinkstock(BATON ROUGE, La.) -- A senior advisor to Mitt Romney pushed back today on reports that a vice presidential running mate has already been chosen.

Eric Fehrnstrom, speaking to reporters after a fundraiser for the candidate that was also attended by rumored vice presidential short-lister Gov. Bobby Jindal, said firmly, “No decision has been made on VP.”

Fehrnstrom was asked specifically about a New York Times story this morning that reported, “Mr. Romney has reached a decision, his friends believe, and he may disclose it as soon as this week.”

Asked whether Romney spoke to Jindal to discuss the decision, Fehrnstrom confirmed that when they met they “didn’t talk about VP.”

“Education was one of the topics they covered but they did not discuss VP,” he said.

“There is no decision on VP,” Fehrnstrom reiterated, when pressed again on the report.

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Jindal Says He Won’t Implement Obamacare

gov [dot] louisiana [dot] gov(BATON ROUGE, La.) -- Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, one of Mitt Romney’s possible running mates, said that despite Thursday’s decision by the Supreme Court to uphold the Affordable Care Act, he will not implement it in his state.

Jindal called the health care plan a “blow to our freedoms” and said the “president forced this law on us.”

“It really raises the question of what’s next, what’s allowable,” Jindal said on a Republican National Committee Conference Call. “Taxes on people who refuse to eat tofu or refuse to drive a Chevy Volt…this whole ruling I think is ridiculous. It’s a huge expansion of federal power.”

Jindal said despite the law being upheld, Louisiana will “not set up an exchange.”

Under the legislation, states are required to set up a health insurance exchange program by January 2014 and they will receive grants from the federal government in order to implement it. Instead, Jindal says he’s just going to wait in the hopes Romney gets elected and the legislation is then repealed, a difficult task even if the presumptive GOP nominee makes it to the White House.

“Elections have consequences. Elections do, in fact, matter,” Jindal said. “This one matters a lot.”

Jindal was very clear that the health care plan now upheld by the Supreme Court will not be making its way to Louisiana if he can help it.

“We are not going to start implementing Obamacare,” Jindal said. “We are committed to working to elect Gov. Romney to repeal Obamacare.”

Virginia Gov. McDonnell was also on the call and said he would evaluate it, but his “hope is in 125 days or so we elect a new president and the Senate along with the House of Representatives will have the votes to repeal this mandate and replace it with a common sense free market, pro-federalism approach to health care.”

When asked how Romney will be able to repeal the legislation, Jindal answered that the candidate “has been unequivocal long before yesterday’s decision, but for a year that it was a top priority of his presidency.”

“On day one he would do everything he could administratively to gut the mandate of Obamacare, that he’d grant waivers to the states and he would launch an appeal statute to get it off the books and replace it with a policy that honors federalism and honors free market principals in order to provide greater access and less cost to the health care,” McDonnell said.

They did not expand how Romney would repeal it. Repeal would only be possible if not only Romney wins the presidency, but Republicans hold on to the House and take over the Senate.

Neither McDonnell or Jindal gave details into what Romney would replace the Affordable Care Act with, but Jindal said Romney “has focused on creating voluntary purchasing pools, on free market reforms to make health care more affordable, more portable, more accessible without undermining the private sector delivery system.”

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VP Beat: GOP Govs Bask in Walker’s Wisconsin Win

Melina Mara/The Washington Post(WASHINGTON) -- WALKER WIN BOOSTS RGA AND McDONNELL: As head of the Republican Governors Association, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell led the RGA’s efforts to support Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker in Tuesday’s recall election, dispatching governors, whose names have also been floated as potential VP contenders, to campaign with him in Wisconsin and pouring millions of dollars into the race.  As the Washington Examiner notes, Walker’s win in Wisconsin gave McDonnell “bragging rights” over his DGA counterpart, Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, and served as a “a dress rehearsal for nearly a dozen gubernatorial contests this fall.”

JINDAL SAYS WALKER WIN IS BAD SIGN FOR DEMS: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who stumped for Walker last month, said Tuesday night that Walker’s win in a Democratic stronghold is a bad signal for President Obama’s chances in the fall and argued that Ohio and Michigan will now be tighter contests, the Washington Times reported. “A lot of the experts were predicting a late night in Milwaukee. Instead it looks like it’s going to be a late night in Chicago,” Jindal said on Fox News’ On the Record with Greta Van Susteren.

WILL ROMNEY PICK A COMBATIVE VP? Mitt Romney’s campaign has unleashed aggressive attacks on President Obama since the start of the general election, and as The Hill’s Christian Heinze noted, this combative style might push Romney to select a running mate with attack dog qualities. “Romney’s combative first month could hint that he’s looking to another archetype for vice president – the pugilistic warrior who can go one on one with Joe Biden in a shouting match” Heinze wrote. “The theory goes like this: A vice president is traditionally called upon to deliver the toughest attacks, while the nominee takes the relative high road. But if Romney himself is batting the president around like a piñata, why would he pick someone more discreet, safe and mellow for vice president? In short, a more aggressive campaign might warrant a more aggressive pick that complements, rather than contradicts, Romney’s confrontational style.”

N.J. SHORTFALL INCREASES UNDER CHRISTIE: reported revenues in New Jersey were down $50 million to $100 million after last month’s tax collections, according to the budget chief of the Office of Legal Services in New Jersey.  Gov. Chris Christie’s office claimed the shortfall was closer to $28.9 million.  But as described, “the latest revenue numbers are pushing hard against Gov. Chris Christie’s claims of a ‘Jersey Comeback.’”

OHIO DEMS LAY OUT ATTACKS ON PORTMAN:  ABC News’ Gregory Simmons reports the Ohio Democratic Party Tuesday “unleashed a series of ‘fact checks’ that might otherwise pass as potential attack lines against Portman should he become Romney’s #2.”  These attack lines include his involvement in the run-up to the financial crisis, his reliance on outsourcing, his inconsistency on the auto rescue, his “radical, ideological views towards women,” and the fact that Portman is not well known among Ohio voters.  More here from the Ohio Dems.

McDONNELL APPROVAL RATING: A Quinnipiac poll released this morning found Gov. Bob McDonnell’s approval rating in Virginia at 53 percent, a figure that matched his lowest approval rating in March.

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