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Marco Rubio Planning Book Tour Through Battleground States

Joe Raedle/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., will embark on a book tour this summer through three key battleground states -- Florida, North Carolina, and Virginia -- along with South Carolina and Georgia.

ABC News confirmed Thursday that Rubio will promote his autobiography, An American Son, which will be released June 19, with a book tour over the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

The Florida portion of the book tour will start on June 30 at the Palm Beach Book Store in Palm Beach and end at a Barnes and Noble in Pensacola on July 3.

Rubio will then head to Atlanta, Greenville, S.C., and Columbia, S.C., on July 5.  He will continue through South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia before ending his tour at the Books A Million in McLean, Va. on July 7.

Rubio is on many lists of potential running mates for the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, and recently has heightened his criticism of President Obama, calling him one of the most “divisive figures” in American history.

But Rubio also is believed to hold higher national ambitions, with many expecting he will one day run for president, and a book tour through swing states and the early primary state of South Carolina could help him lay the groundwork for a future presidential bid.

Just last Saturday, Rubio delivered a major speech to the South Carolina GOP at their annual Silver Elephant Dinner, which was seen as a move to court Republican voters who could help him during a 2016 run or beyond.

Rubio’s book, which will be published in both English and Spanish under the title Un Hijo Americano, will be released on the same day as an unauthorized biography by Washington Post’s Manuel Roig-Franzia called The Rise of Marco Rubio.

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Mitt Romney: 'No Apology' for Individual Health Care Mandate

Photo Courtesy - Tim Sloan/AFP/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- On the kickoff to his No Apology book tour, Mitt Romney is sticking to his book's message -- refusing to apologize for the Massachusetts health care law that, like President Obama’s federal legislation, requires citizens to buy health insurance.

"I’m not apologizing for it, I’m indicating that we went in one direction and there are other possible directions.  I’d like to see states pursue their own ideas, see which ideas work best," Romney told ABC News.

That stand seems to reject the advice of Karl Rove and others who say that Romney can’t get the GOP nomination in 2012 unless he finds a way to distance himself from "Romneycare", but Romney did concede that his Massachusetts plan is imperfect.

When asked about "Obamacare," Romney said it’s a "very bad piece of legislation," siding with the federal judge who ruled it unconstitutional and wrote in his decision that "it is difficult to imagine that a nation which began…as the result of opposition to a British mandate giving the East India Company a monopoly and imposing a nominal tax on all tea sold in America would have set out to create a government with the power to force people to buy tea in the first place."

"That was the whole idea of our federal democracy, we’d have people be able to try different ideas state to state but what we did not do was say that the federal government can make its choice and impose it on all of the states.  That is one of the reasons why this bill is unconstitutional," Romney said.

"The right thing for the president to do now with these decisions saying this bill is unconstitutional, with the house taking action to repeal it, with the senate considering doing so, he should press the pause button and say 'you know what, let’s hold back in this 'Obamacare,'" he said.

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Sarah Palin Book Signing: Despite Early Crowd, Tickets Still Available

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(PHOENIX) -- With folding chairs and blankets in tow, fans lined up Tuesday outside the Barnes and Noble in Phoenix at 5 a.m., braving the cold for hours for a chance to have Sarah Palin sign a copy of her new book. The crowd, which consisted mostly of women but also many men, several teenage boys and even a 10-year-old girl, showcased the former governor’s broad appeal.

After several hours of waiting, Palin supporters were finally allowed to enter the bookstore, buy only two copies of America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith, and Flag, and receive a wristband that would gain them entry to the book signing Tuesday at 6 p.m.

Despite the enthusiasm of Tuesday morning’s crowd (roughly 150 people), tickets were still available before the event. Several in line Tuesday morning noted that Palin’s appearance was not well-publicized in the area. A spokesperson with Barnes and Noble would not say how many tickets were distributed Tuesday morning or how many total exist, but confirmed they were still being handed out.

Palin, who will miss seeing her daughter Bristol on the finale of Dancing With The Stars to attend the book signing, took to Twitter Tuesday to promote her second book. "America By Heart is out in bookstores today and available online for purchase. Our book tour kicks off at 6 p.m....” she tweeted, linking to a review of the book.

Meeting the former governor, however, came with strict rules. Palin fans were not allowed to bring in any cameras, cell phones or bags. In addition, she did not make any public comments or take any questions from the media.

Tuesday’s book signing kicked off Palin’s nine-day, 16-stop book tour.

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Sarah Palin Book Tour: Warm Up Lap For A Presidential Campaign?

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Sarah Palin will launch a 16-stop, cross-country trip to promote her new book next week that will take her through several states that could be key to her presidential ambitions -- if she decides to jump into the 2012 race, that is.

The tour for Palin's book, "America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith, and Flag," begins in Phoenix, Ariz. on Monday and continues after Thanksgiving with stops in Iowa, South Carolina and Ohio, among others. Notably, Palin will not be traveling to the early primary state of New Hampshire where she spent little time campaigning as Sen. John McCain's vice presidential nominee in 2008.

Palin will make two separate stops in Iowa -- the first on Nov. 27 in West Des Moines and the second on Dec. 2 in Spirit Lake. She will wrap up the tour on Dec. 3, traveling to Columbia, S.C. and Cincinnati, Ohio on the same day.

Palin's promotional trip focuses heavily on Midwestern and Southern states, mostly leaving out the coasts. No stops are scheduled for New York, Washington, DC or California. She will appear at a mix of large book store chains, including Borders and Barnes and Noble, as well as big box stores such as Wal-Mart and Costco.

The publisher of Palin's book, Harper Collins, said it would include "selections from classic and contemporary readings that have moved" the former Alaska governor, as well as "portraits of some of the extraordinary men and women she admires and who embody her deep love of country, her strong rootedness in faith, and her profound love and appreciation of family."

But in limited excerpts of "America By Heart" that have been leaked on the Internet over the last week, Palin seems more interested in rekindling family feuds, settling scores, and igniting her base.

According to the leaked pages, Palin mentions her daughter Bristol's ex-boyfriend, Levi Johnston, in less than flattering terms: "We all had to bite our tongues -- more than once -- as Tripp's father went on a media tour through Hollywood and New York, spreading untruths and exaggerated rhetoric. It was disgusting to watch," she writes.

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