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Rep. Ellsworth: Stimulus 'Did Work,' but Economy 'Still Very Fragile'

Photo Courtesy - Office of Congressman Brad Ellsworth(WASHINGTON) -- Democrats got less-than-encouraging job numbers Friday, with the final unemployment report before the mid-term elections showing anemic private-sector growth, and an overall loss in American jobs.

It leaves Democrats in a politically vulnerable position, as they seek to explain why the steps they’ve taken to get the economy moving haven’t worked as quickly as they had hoped.

Rep. Brad Ellsworth, the democratic candidate for Senate in Indiana, told ABC News on Friday the $862 billion stimulus package hasn’t done enough to rejuvenate the economy. But he said it has worked in staving off the worst of the economic damage.

“I think it was necessary. And if you dissect the stimulus: a third in tax cuts -- a third in financial support to the states to keep them afloat, and then a third in the projects and grants -- I  think it did work,” said Ellsworth.

Ellsworth criticized his fellow Democrats for not voting to extend the Bush tax cuts before going into recess last week.

“I would have voted before we left for recess to extend the tax cuts. That would have given some stability,” Ellsworth said. “People would know where we’re going. I think we have to show businesses and employers what we’re going to do. The reason they hold back is because we’re not giving them stability.”

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