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ABC News: Democrat Andrew Cuomo Will Take N.Y. Governor's Race

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- ABC News projects that Democratic candidate Andrew Cuomo will defeat Tea Party favorite Carl Paladino for the New York gubernatorial seat, in what has been a sometimes violent campaign of mudslinging from both sides.

In what was once a close race, Cuomo, the current attorney general, slowly crept up in the polls to take a double-digit lead over Paladino, who was plagued by controversy in the final weeks of his campaign.

The Republican candidate was dogged by reports of racy emails he sent containing inappropriate images and racial slurs. Paladino also made headlines when he threatened a New York Post reporter.

Cuomo will succeed Gov. David Patterson, who did not seek re-election after he assumed the governorship following former Gov. Eliot Spitzer's departure from office in 2008.

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Murdoch-Owned 'New York Post' Endorses Andrew Cuomo for New York Governor

Photo Courtesy - Andrew Cuomo dot com(NEW YORK) -- Perhaps the New York Post editorial board didn’t take too kindly to New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino’s loaded threat to “take out” the paper’s veteran scribe, Fred Dicker.

In a surprising move Monday, the generally right-leaning Post, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch’s NewsCorporation, endorsed Democrat Andrew Cuomo, the state’s attorney general, saying there was “something refreshing” about Paladino at the outset of his campaign until “a screw popped loose.”

“He won the primary by showing that he understood the frustrations New Yorkers grapple with daily -- and by speaking to them, directly and forcefully....Then a screw popped loose.  Paladino revealed himself to be undisciplined, unfocused and untrustworthy - that is, fundamentally unqualified for the office he seeks,” the editorial reads, adding that he gave Cuomo “a free pass” by growing silent on the issues.

Paladino’s brusque style, controversial remarks and desire to “take a baseball bat” to Albany has kept him in the headlines despite trailing Cuomo badly in the polls.  A new New York Times poll released last night has Cuomo leading Paladino 59 percent to 24 percent among likely voters.

Paladino’s fame – or notoriety – came quickly with his unlikely primary victory over former Republican Rep. Rick Lazio on Sept. 14.  However, since then, he and his campaign have received more attention for his gaffes and dismissiveness with the media than for his plan to fix New York’s struggling economy.

The much-publicized scuffle with Dicker came after the reporter approached Paladino asking for evidence to support his accusations that Cuomo had had extramarital affairs.  Paladino instead asked why the paper “sent goons after my daughter,” referencing to the Post running stories on Paladino’s mistress and their 10-year-old daughter. Paladino then threatened, “You send another goon to my daughter’s house, I’ll take you out, buddy.”  Paladino’s campaign manager ended the confrontation by intervening, telling Dicker he was working for Cuomo, was “way out of line” and is “a terrible journalist.”

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Anti-Abortion Paladino Cashing in on Planned Parenthood

Photo Courtesy - Paladino for the People(NEW YORK) -- The anti-abortion Republican candidate for New York Governor is the landlord of a Planned Parenthood, according to a New York Post report.

Carl Paladino’s campaign manager tells the Post the candidate’s company inherited the tenant as the result of a property deal and cannot legally evict.

On his website, Paladino calls abortion a “fundamental assault on the sanctity of innocent human life.”

“I oppose using public revenues to promote or perform abortion and, as Governor, I will not fund organizations which advocate the procedure,” he says.

The center also provides a number of services to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals, including “education,” “resources,” and “service referral.”

Paladino this week criticized opponent Andrew Cuomo for marching in a gay pride parade, saying that it sent the wrong message to children.

“I don’t want them to be brainwashed into thinking that homosexuality is an equally valid or successful option,” he said. “It isn’t.”

Paladino later told ABC News Radio he “could have chosen my words better.”

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Paladino on Gay Rights Flap: "It's Really Done"

Photo Courtesy - ABC News(WASHINGTON) -- Carl Paladino, the Republican candidate for governor in New York, has seen his campaign distracted for weeks by stories about racy e-mails he’s sent, extramarital affairs he’s had, and comments he’s made that seem to disparage gays and lesbians.

On ABC’s Top Line Thursday, Paladino said he’s done talking about those stories.

Asked about a confrontation he had with a New York Post reporter, where Paladino told the reporter “I’ll take you out,” he said he had nothing to apologize for – and then launched into a discussion of his plans for cutting Medicaid.

“I don't apologize for that. Absolutely not. And now we're going to go on,” Paladino said. “We're going to tell you about Medicaid. Our Medicaid is totally out of whack with reality.”

And asked why he read from a prepared text that was handed to him over the weekend – where he blasted his Democratic rival, Andrew Cuomo, for marching in a gay pride parade – Paladino cut off the question. “I'm done with that one too,” he said. “It's really done. If you want to know what we're going to do about government corruption, I'm going to appoint a special prosecutor from day one and a special prosecutor....The issue has been gone over and over. We're not talking about it anymore. I'm done.”

Paladino said the issues being raised about him aren’t important to New York voters. He said, “The press has pressed on those issues and they think the people are interested,” he said. “We think that people are more interested in overburdened government spending, taxes, government corruption, Medicaid out of control, the lack of interest in jobs and the lack of a plan to create new jobs. That's what the people are interested in today.”

He promised vast changes to Albany as governor, including deep reductions in the state workforce.

“I'm going to win, and four years from now thing are going to be very different. You're going to have a government that’s of the people, by the people and for the people,” Paladino said. “You're going to have an actually representative republic in the New York state legislature. Legislators actually reading bills before they sign them. Legislators actually debating issues and having input before the final decisions. Legislators that aren't working a day and a half a week, but five days a day, every day for the full year in order to earn those 100 percent pensions, in order to earn those 100 percent benefits that they want."

He continued, “2,751 staff members today, maybe a thousand then. In the executive branch, we'll probably get rid of about 20 percent of the agencies, the divisions, the directorates in our state government today. Agencies that are no longer viable in the 20th century.” 

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On Question of Terror Trials, Carl Paladino Drops F-Bomb

Photo Courtesy - Paladino for the People(NEW YORK) -- No stranger to brash comments, New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino was caught on tape using a four-letter word to describe an Obama administration decision on where to try terror suspects.

Still facing a firestorm over recent comments some interpreted as anti-gay, Paladino finds himself again having to defend or apologize for impulsive comments.

Asked in March for his reaction to a since-shelved plan by Attorney General Eric Holder to hold trials for Guantanamo Bay detainees, like 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed, in downtown Manhattan, Paladino gruffly replied: "F**k him. F**k him."

The video, though seven months old, was recently posted on YouTube and the National Journal website.

Calls and e-mail to Paladino's office for comment were not immediately returned.

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Carl Paladino: 'I Could Have Used Some Better Words'

Photo Courtesy - Paladino for the People(NEW YORK) -- Following a barrage of criticism over his remarks that being gay is not "equally valid or successful" as being straight, the Republican candidate for governor of New York said he could have stated it differently.

In an interview with ABC News Radio on Monday, Carl Paladino offered no apologies about his remarks, but conceded, “I could have used some better words.”  He also denied being insensitive, adding, "Was I in any way insensitive to the homosexual, the gay crowd?  In my mind absolutely not."

Paladino declined to clarify what better words he could have used but said, “My position on gays has never changed.  I have gays working for me and I have gays in my family.  I am unequivocally 100% for gay rights but there’s one exception and that’s gay marriage.  I’m a Catholic and I believe in my church’s holdings and I can’t accept gay marriage.”

When asked about his own moral failings that run contrary to Catholic doctrine he said, “We’re all human.  We all have human traits, human frailties, human weaknesses, that’s life.”

 Paladino asked his critics to look at the "whole man" before condemning him.

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NY Governor Hopeful Sparks Controversy with Homosexual Remarks

Photo Courtesy - Paladino for the People(NEW YORK) -- New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino touched off a new uproar Sunday, saying that children should not be "brainwashed" into thinking that homosexuality was acceptable.

Appearing before a small gathering of Orthodox Jewish leaders in Brooklyn, the Tea Party-backed Paladino also boasted that he boycotted New York's gay pride parade.

Apparently trying to draw a distinction from his Democratic opponent, Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, Paladino told the Jewish leaders in Brooklyn that he didn't march in "the gay parade this year -- the gay pride parade," while Cuomo did.

"That's not the example we should be showing our children, and certainly not in our schools.  And don't misquote me as wanting to hurt homosexual people in any way. That would be a dastardly lie. My approach is live and let live," he said.

"I just think my children and your children would be much better off and much more successful getting married and raising a family, and I don't want them brainwashed into thinking that homosexuality is an equally valid and successful option," he said. "It isn't."

Paladino vowed that as governor he would veto any bill legalizing gay marriage or civil unions.

The Cuomo campaign issued a statement denouncing the remarks.

"Mr. Paladino's statement displays a stunning homophobia and a glaring disregard for basic equality. These comments along with other views he has espoused make it clear that he is way out of the mainstream and is unfit to represent New York," the Cuomo campaign said.

Paladino's prepared text for the campaign event included this line, "There is nothing to be proud of in being a dysfunctional homosexual. That is not how God created us." Paladino omitted the passage when he spoke to the crowd, but it was widely reported.

Late Sunday night, Paladino issued a statement saying he "did not agree with this passage, nor did I say it." He added, "I unequivocally have no other reservations about homosexuality and I abhor discrimination in any form. I enjoy a close relationship with my nephew who is gay and I certainly consider him to be a functional child of God."

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New Poll Says Paladino Falling Behind Cuomo In N.Y. Gubernatorial Race

Photo Courtesy - Paladino for the People(NEW YORK) -- Republican Carl Paladino appears to be losing momentum in the New York gubernatorial race, despite his lead among likely voters in New York who are unhappy with state government, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Thursday.

The poll reports that New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, the Democratic candidate for governor, is pulling ahead. The poll reports Paladino is trailing 55-37 percent.

When the university surveyed in September, Cuomo had only a 49-43 percent lead over Paladino.  However, the weeks following those survey results grew tumultuous for Paladino.  Quinnipiac attributes the poll's shift to independents who were turned off by Paladino’s tough talk, including his finger-pointing argument with a New York Post reporter whom he threatened to “take…out.” The poll finds less than a third of likely voters now think Paladino is the right person for the governor's job.

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NY GOP Hopeful Paladino Angrily Threatens to 'Take Out' Reporter 

(NEW YORKPhoto Courtesy -- Paladino for the People ) -- New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino  threatened to "take out" a reporter following a heated exchange.  The dustup occurred Wednesday when New York Post State Editor Fred Dicker asked Paladino to prove his accusation that Democratic challenger Andrew Cuomo cheated on his ex-wife while the couple were still married.  "What evidence do you have for something most people would consider a smear?" Dicker asked.  Rather than respond to the question, Paladino accused Dicker of sending a "goon" to photograph his young daughter, who was born to a mistress and kept secret from his wife for a decade. "You send another goon to my daughter's house and I'll take you out, buddy!" Paladino told Dicker.  Pushed again for proof of the accusation against Cuomo, Paladino told the Post, "At the appropriate time you will hear it."

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Boost for NY Gubernatorial Candidate?

Photo Courtesy - Paladino for the People(BROOKLYN, N.Y.) -- Less than two weeks after calling New York Republican gubernatorial hopeful, Carl Paladino, “more of a caricature than a candidate,” the head of the state’s Conservative Party will urge his members to endorse the GOP contender at a meeting of party leaders on Wednesday.

New York Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long told ABC News that although “some of our people are a little uptight” about the primary season friction between conservatives and Paladino, “as chairman of the party, I don’t have the option of being uptight.”

Long said he is hoping to turn the “mixed views” of many of his members toward Paladino into an endorsement -- a move that would provide a boost to the Republican candidate who is battling Democrat Andrew Cuomo.

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