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John Edwards' Daughter Jumps Back into Politics

Steve Exum/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- Two months after standing steadfastly by her father John Edward’s side during his hugely-publicized campaign finance fraud trial, Cate Edwards is hopping back into the political arena to stand by Trevor Thomas, a young, openly gay candidate for the U.S. House from Michigan.

In her first endorsement of the 2012 election, Edwards wrote in an email to Thomas’ supporters that he is “exactly the kind of candidate we should be standing up to support.”

“Trevor is a member of our generation who we can count on to stand up for fairness, equality and opportunity for every generation,” Edwards, 30, said.

Thomas faces former circuit court judge and businessman Steve Pestka in Michigan’s Aug. 7 Democratic primary. The winner will battle first-term Rep. Justin Amash, who at age 30 was one of the youngest people ever elected to Congress in 2010.

During her dad’s White House bid in 2004, Edwards openly supported gay marriage despite her father’s opposition to it. She has stayed largely out of the spotlight since Edwards’ finance fraud case ended in a mistrial in May.

Read Edward’s full letter of endorsement here:

Dear Friend,

Aren’t you tired of hearing only partisan politics and bickering from the crowd in Washington?  It’s time for a change -- and we have a terrific opportunity to refocus our priorities on the American people in Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District.

Three people are running for the seat, but only one candidate brings progressive values and a fresh perspective to the table.  That candidate is Trevor Thomas.

Trevor is an openly gay, pro-choice, pro-environment progressive who understands first-hand the unique challenges young Americans face today.  He is exactly the kind of candidate we should be standing up to support.

Trevor is leading the way on education issues such as keeping student loan interest rates low and putting an end to the bullying in our schools.

And he has a track record of standing up for those who most need a voice.  In the fight for the successful repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Trevor helped those who had been silenced by this discriminatory law tell their story to the world -- in many cases, for the first time.

Trevor is a member of our generation who we can count on to stand up for fairness, equality and opportunity for every generation.

But Trevor has a battle ahead of him.  He is up against an anti-choice Democrat and a tea party extremist.  These values do not represent the values of young people in West Michigan or across this country.

And there is not much time left.  With only 13 days left until the primary, it is more important than ever that Trevor get his progressive, pro-choice, pro-equality message out to voters in the 3rd District.

Join me in supporting Trevor Thomas -- a progressive candidate for our generation -- for the change we all so badly need. Click here to make an immediate donation to the Campaign for Us All.

Cate Edwards

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John Edwards’ Daughter May Testify in His Criminal Trial

Steve Exum/Getty Images(GREENSBORO, N.C.) -- Cate Edwards, the oldest daughter of John Edwards and his late wife, Elizabeth, is among the witnesses who may be called to testify in the criminal trial that could send her father to prison for up to 30 years. Her name appeared among a list of dozens of potential witnesses who could be called by the defense team.

A newly married graduate of Princeton and Harvard Law School, Cate Edwards recently put her own fledgling legal career on hold to launch an educational foundation in her mother’s name.

She accompanied her father to court last June on the day federal prosecutors announced a six-count indictment against the former Democratic presidential candidate, who’s accused of accepting nearly $1 million in illegal campaign contributions that were allegedly used to cover up his extra-marital affair with Rielle Hunter.

Cate Edwards has not commented publicly about the criminal case, and there’s no indication that she was aware of the efforts to hide her father’s affair.

Jury selection got under way this week for the highly anticipated trial, which is set to begin April 23, and is expected to last at least six weeks.  Edwards has pleaded not guilty to all charges, and his defense team has assailed the government’s case as a “crazy” and “radical” interpretation of campaign finance laws.

The defense team’s witness list, which was filed late Thursday, also includes, in addition to Cate Edwards, Rielle Hunter, and a host of former political staff members, some of whom have gone on to work in the Obama administration.

The prosecution’s witness list is headlined by Andrew Young, a former aide to Edwards who handled the money for the alleged cover-up, and once falsely claimed paternity of the daughter Edwards fathered with Hunter.  Young, who wrote a book about the scandal and struck a deal with prosecutors for his testimony, is expected to be the key witness for the government.

The judge overseeing the case has ruled that all the witnesses will be sequestered, with the exception of Edwards’ immediate family.  So Cate Edwards will be free to observe the trial.

She was among the spectators in the courtroom this week as nearly 200 potential jurors filled out questionnaires in federal court in Greensboro, N.C.  U.S. District Judge Catherine Eagles, after introducing the well-known defendant to the pool of jurors, reminded them that this case is “not about whether Mr. Edwards was a good husband or politician.  It’s about whether he violated campaign finance laws.”

If John Edwards is convicted and sentenced to  prison, Cate Edwards could become the legal guardian of her two younger siblings -- Emma Claire,13, and Jack, 11 -- according to the terms of Elizabeth Edwards’ will. She died in December 2010.

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