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Meghan McCain: Christine O'Donnell a 'Mockery,' 'Nutjob'

Photo Courtesy - ABC News(WASHINGTON) -- Meghan McCain, daughter of Sen. John McCain and author of the book Dirty Sexy Politics, says she is troubled by Christine O'Donnell’s effort to become the Republican Senator from Delaware.

"I speak as a 26-year-old woman and my problem is that, no matter what, Christine O'Donnell is making a mockery of running for public office," McCain told ABC News.

Appearing on ABC’s This Week with Christiane Amanpour, McCain said O’Donnell lacks “real success in any kind of business” and that her Senate run signals that “one day you can just wake and run for Senate … it scares me for a lot of reasons."

"I just know, in my group of friends, it turns people off because she's seen as a nutjob," McCain said.

O’Donnell has received the backing of former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

Her opponent, Democrat Chris Coons, last week received endorsements from President Obama and Vice President Biden.

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Christine O'Donnell, Chris Coons Trade Barbs in Delaware Debate

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(NEWARK, Del.) -- In their nationally-televised debate Wednesday, Delaware U.S. Senate candidates Christine O'Donnell and Chris Coons each displayed polarizing views of government and contempt for the way each has been characterized in this campaign.

O'Donnell, a former marketing consultant and Republican candidate who has made two failed bids for the Senate since 2006, attacked her opponent as a "rubber stamp" for the Obama administration, while Coons, her Democratic opponent and a county executive, warned O'Donnell would be a partisan legislator with "extreme" views.

"Ms. O'Donnell has experience running for office but no experience running anything," Coons said.  "She's focused too much on the issues that make good sound bites."

O'Donnell called Coons a politician who "promises to support the Reid-Obama-Pelosi agenda lock, step and barrel.  That's not bipartisanship," she said.

While the candidates sparred over the stimulus and the health care law, the war in Afghanistan and campaign finance reform, some of the most heated exchanges during the 90-minute forum at the University of Delaware surrounded O'Donnell's past statements on hot-button social issues.

O'Donnell tried to dismiss attention to her remarks made during several appearances on TV talk shows in the 1990s about homosexuality, abortion, premarital sex, masturbation and evolution as irrelevant to her candidacy.

Coons avoided bringing up O'Donnell's problems with personal finance, allowing the debate moderators to raise the issue.  When he suggested that such talk was a distraction to the real issues in the campaign, O'Donnell interjected with a joke.

"You're just jealous that you weren't on Saturday Night Live," O'Donnell laughed, a reference to a sketch on the NBC program last weekend that poked fun at her recent campaign ad.

When asked repeatedly and directly, O'Donnell refused to say whether she still believes evolution is a "myth" and she made light of her comments on witchcraft, to which one of her own campaign ads alludes.   She previously said she "dabbled in witchcraft" years ago.

When pressed about a college newspaper article entitled "Chris Coons: The Making of a Bearded Marxist," Coons said it had been written in jest.  "I am not now nor have I ever been anything but a clean-shaven capitalist," he said to laughs, invoking the tone of a witness before a congressional panel investigating communism in the 1950s.

Coons is believed to have the strongest support in the northern portions of Delaware, including New Castle County, where he leads the local government as county executive.  O'Donnell's supporters are dominant in the rural farm towns of Sussex, the southernmost of Delaware's three counties, where her campaign signs populate the country roads that run past farmers' markets and lead to the shore.

The two candidates will reportedly face off again Thursday and are also scheduled to debate on Oct. 19.

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Chris Coons on Christine O'Donnell: She's Not Me and She's Not Delaware

Photo Courtesy - Chris Coons/Facebook(NEWARK, Del.) -- With his first general election debate Wednesday night, Democratic Senate candidate Chris Coons is seeking to keep the focus on Delaware issues and voters, even as his Republican opponent, Christine O’Donnell, has drawn his race national attention.

Though O’Donnell declares “I’m you” to Delaware voters in a much-watched ad where she also declares “I’m not a witch,” Coons told ABC’s Top Line Wednesday his opponent does not represent Delaware’s values.

O’Donnell’s only job in recent years, Coons said, has been “running for the U.S. Senate three times.”

“She’s not me, and she’s not Delaware,” Coons said. “Delaware is a state of neighbors. This is a small state where folks build ties over many, many years, and where folks who want to serve us -- as a volunteer or an elected official -- spend a lot of time investing in, and building community. And supporting Delaware’s unique culture.”

“She ran a nasty campaign against Mike Castle that featured some slanderous personal attacks. And best I can tell as I’ve tried to get to know her and her record, in the last five years Ms. O’Donnell’s only employment has been running for the U.S. Senate three times. That’s not the sort of record of volunteerism, of civic engagement, of running something that most folks in Delaware look for in folks that are going to be leaders in our community.”

Coons, the county executive of New Castle County, Delaware, said money from outside Delaware funded O’Donnell’s upset victory over Rep. Mike Castle, R-Del., in the GOP primary last month.

“I had thought it was possible that she was going to make it a close contest. I really didn’t expect her to win in the primary. And I think part of why she did was outside money,” he said. “Folks from South Carolina and Alaska, and PACs affiliated with them came in and ran some ads in the last week or 10 days. And that’s what helped put her over the top. So I was surprised. I had expected a tough uphill race, but I thought I could win against Congressman Mike Castle.”

With O’Donnell attacking Coons as “The Taxman” in her latest ads, Coons said he welcomes the chance to “talk about my real record” as county executive.

“That ad just gets it flat out wrong. It claims that I drove the county to bankruptcy, and that I squandered a large surplus, when exactly the opposite is the case.”

The solutions he implemented included deep budget cuts, in addition to a tax increase, he said.

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Tea Party Candidates Campaigning Like It's 2012

Photo Courtesy - -- The Tea Party, which has scored upset victories against establishment candidates across the country this election season and is poised to send a number of the movement’s favorite candidates to Washington in November, has set its sight’s on an even bigger goal: 2012.

Tea Party supporters are already putting more incumbent Republican lawmakers in their cross-hairs.  The Wall Street Journal’s Janet Hook reports, “Sen. Olympia Snowe of Maine, one of the most liberal Republicans in Congress, already has a conservative GOP primary opponent. Sen. Orrin Hatch (R., Utah), Sen. Bob Corker (R., Tenn.) and Sen. Richard Lugar (R., Indiana) have all drawn fire from the right wing of their party. The threat of a primary challenge may put more pressure on Republicans to steer clear of compromise with Democrats when Congress reconvenes."

When the Senate recently voted on small-business tax breaks, the bill drew support from only two Republicans -- both of whom are leaving office at the end of this term. Centrist efforts to compromise on an extension of expiring Bush-era tax cuts fizzled. Even Ms. Snowe, a perennial swing vote on taxes, resisted agreement with Democrats on the issue.

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Two Republican Candidates Won't Join Palin in California Rally

Photo Courtesy - SarahPAC/Facebook(CALIFORNIA) -- Though Sarah Palin might be heading to Delaware to show support for Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell, some Republicans are wary of appearing with her.

Two of California’s marquee Republican candidates, Senate hopeful Carly Fiorina and gubernatorial contender Meg Whitman, will not be sharing a stage with Palin when she rallies voters in Anaheim, California later this month. The event is also expected to include Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele.

In response to their absence, The New York Times’ Adam Nagourney says, “The fact that these two Republican candidates would find someplace else to be on a Saturday afternoon less than a month before Election Day is not exactly a surprise, considering the political dynamics of this state. There are not enough Republican base voters out there to carry anyone to victory anymore in California. And independent voters -- who have been the main target of Ms. Whitman in recent days -- have a decidedly unfriendly view of Ms. Palin, here and across the country.”

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Sarah Palin Says She’ll Campaign for Christine O’Donnell

Photo Courtesy - SarahPAC/Facebook(NEW YORK) -- Sarah Palin, who gave Delaware Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell a boost in the GOP primary with a last-minute endorsement, indicated on Wednesday that she's planning to campaign for O’Donnell before Election Day.

Palin told Fox News’ Sean Hannity that she would “absolutely” go to Delaware on O’Donnell’s behalf.

“You’re going to go campaign for her, I recently heard,” Hannity said in the interview.  “Yeah, absolutely,” Palin replied. “I’m honored to, I’m excited about it.”

Palin offered no specifics about the timing of the potential visit or what form it would take. But a poll out on Wednesday indicated that O’Donnell could use the help. A Fairleigh Dickinson University survey showed O’Donnell trailing her Democratic opponent Chris Coons by 17 points, 53 percent to 36 percent.

At an event in Iowa in September, Palin offered hints that she was considering a visit to Delaware, telling reporters after a state party fundraiser that she would like to “get to Delaware very soon to knock on doors.”

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Christine O'Donnell Ad: 'I'm Not A Witch'

Photo Courtesy -- YORK) -- “I'm not a witch," Delaware Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell assures voters, who may be concerned that she once "dabbled" in the dark arts, in a new ad released by her campaign on Monday.

"I'm nothing you've heard," O'Donnell continues in the 30-second spot -- the first of the general election -- "I'm you."

The ad features a spare background, quiet piano notes and O’Donnell, the GOP candidate who has sparked controversy for her past statements on witchcraft, abstinence and evolution, speaking directly into the camera.

“None of us are perfect, but none of us can be happy with what we see all around us,” she says. “Politicians who think spending, trading favors and back-room deals are the ways to stay in office. I’ll go to Washington and do what you’d do.”

O'Donnell defeated Rep. Mike Castle, R-Del., to win the Republican Senate nomination and is facing off against Democrat Chris Coons in the general election. Her campaign has gained notoriety from a steady stream of video clips released by television personality Bill Maher, who often featured O'Donnell as a guest on the show he hosted for nearly 10 years, "Politically Incorrect."

In the ad's finale, O'Donnell repeats one of her opening lines: “I’m you."

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Christine O'Donnell Opted Out of Being Hare Krishna

Image Courtesy - ABC News(LOS ANGELES) -- Delaware Republican Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell admitted in a 1999 television appearance to dabbling in several religions -- including witchcraft and Buddhism -- but said she skipped being a Hare Krishna because she couldn't give up meat.

On Friday Bill Maher aired on his HBO show, "Real Time," the clip from his previous show, "Politically Incorrect."

"I would have become a Hare Krishna, but I didn't want to become a vegetarian," she said. "And that is honestly the reason why, because I'm Italian and I love meatballs."

O'Donnell appeared on the political talk show on 22 different episodes, and Maher has said he will air an embarrassing clip of O'Donnell every week until she agrees to appear on his show. This latest video is the third in his series of unflattering clips.

Maher and O'Donnell made headlines when the talk show host released a clip of O'Donnell claiming that evolution is a myth. That video came a week after another "Politically Incorrect" clip, the now infamous footage of O'Donnell admitting to experimenting with witchcraft.

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Write Off: Mike Castle Won't Pursue Write-In Bid

Photo Caption -, Del.) -- Defeated Delaware Republican Senate contender Rep. Mike Castle announced he would not pursue a write-in bid against fellow Republican Christine O’Donnell and Democrat Chris Coons.

"While I would have been honored to represent Delaware in the U.S. Senate, I do not believe that seeking office in this manner is in the best interest of all Delawareans," Castle said in a statement. "Therefore, it's time for Jane and me to begin thinking about the next chapter of our lives."

Castle's announcement means he won’t go the way of Sen. Lisa Murkowski in Alaska, even though the Alaska Republican’s write-in effort appears to be gaining some steam. A CNN poll put GOP nominee Joe Miller’s support at 38 percent, followed by 36 percent for Murkowski and 22 percent for Democrat Scott McAdams, among the state’s likely voters. 

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O’Donnell: Education Claims, LinkedIn Profile a Fraud

Photo Courtesy - Christine2010(WILMINGTON, Del.) -- In the latest twist in the saga over Delaware senatorial candidate Christine O’Donnell’s alleged embellishment of her educational background, O'Donnell denies that a LinkedIn profile at the center of the scrutiny is hers.

“There have been reports that I have released false information on a LinkedIn profile under my name.  This is categorically untrue,” said O'Donnell in a statement through her spokeswoman Hayley McConnell. “I never established a LinkedIn profile, or authorized anyone to do so on my behalf.”

The LinkedIn profile lists Fairleigh Dickenson University, Claremont Graduate University and the University of Oxford in the Education section. But O’Donnell has no record with Claremont Graduate University and her attendance at the Phoenix Institute did not earn academic credit at Oxford.

“I have always been clear about my educational background.  I completed undergraduate work at Fairleigh Dickenson University.  After my undergraduate work, I completed a summer program run by the Phoenix Institute, at the Institute’s Oxford University location.  The Institute runs programs around the world at various universities, and participants study issues of human dignity.  I also completed a Lincoln Fellowship at the Claremont Institute in Claremont, CA,” she said. “We would encourage LinkedIn to remove this profile.”

The O’Donnell campaign’s website -- – does not list LinkedIn under the “Social Networks” tab, though it does link to her Facebook and Twitter accounts. Still, Greg Sargent of the Washington Post notes, O’Donnell’s spokeswoman did not previously claim the LinkedIn profile was a fraud when questioned recently about its contents.

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