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Club for Growth: GOP Shouldn’t 'Fear the Club' as Much as Their Own Constituents

Alex Wong/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- One of the biggest critics of Speaker John Boehner’s so-called “two step” plan on the debt ceiling is the conservative group the Club for Growth. In a statement Tuesday afternoon, the group wrote that the legislation “simply doesn't fix the country's fiscal problems. We strongly oppose it and we urge a NO vote.”

On ABC's Top Line Wednesday, Club For Growth president, and former U.S. Rep. Chris Chocola reiterated his opposition to the bill, saying “the Boehner plan does not solve our long-term debt crisis” and “gives the president additional authority to raise the debt ceiling.”

While acknowledging that “we’re willing to look at” the “latest iteration of the Boehner plan” and “hope there’s something we can be for,” Chocola noted that the “previous plan said let's have confidence in Congress that they'll do the hard work later. I'm not sure what Congress has done in a generation that would instill the confidence that they'll do the hard work later.”

So will there be a political price to pay for those Republicans who do support a bill that the Club doesn’t? After all, the Club for Growth has actively engaged in GOP primaries in the past.

“We will score the vote, we will put it in their scorecard, and make decisions on our actions in primaries and general elections based on our scorecards.”

So, should incumbents worry about being targeted for defeat by this well-funded interest group?

“I don't know that they should fear the Club for Growth as much as they should fear their own constituents,” said Chocola.  “The American people are the ones that ultimately elect members of the House and the Senate, and they're the ones that are really -- as Congressman Guinta said -- 64 percent of Americans believe in the 'Cut, Cap and Balance' approach, which is actually the only plan offered that solves the problem.”

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Club for Growth President on Trump: ‘Not Pro-Growth, Not Conservative’

Bill Clark/Roll Call(WASHINGTON) -- Donald Trump’s move in the direction of a presidential candidacy has provoked a sharp reaction from elements inside the Republican Party, with the real-estate magnate and reality-show star prompting growing concern from conservatives.

On ABC’s Top Line Tuesday, Chris Chocola, president of the fiscal conservative group Club for Growth, told ABC News it’s time for some clear thinking about a potential candidate whose positions aren’t that well understood by Republicans.

“He's a great showman. But I think we got to push back the curtain and look and see what's behind it,” said Chocola, a former GOP congressman from Indiana. “And if you look, he's not pro-growth, he's not conservative.”

“He's a rabid protectionist -- wants to start a trade war with China. And so all these things I think should give us great concern and we just think if you want to engage in a candidacy, you have to engage in the debate of policy and ideas. And we think educated voters are good voters. And so before we get further into the show, we think people ought to understand what's behind the curtain.”

Trump told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that Chocola is “not a very smart man” if he’s suggested his policies would harm the economy.

Chocola responded that he’s not bothered by such criticism.

“We are trying to get beyond the personalities and we're trying to get to the policies,” he said. “If anybody believes his own press, it's probably Donald Trump, and he gets a lot of it. And so we're becoming increasingly of the mind that he is going to run. And we think people ought to know more about him and his policy positions before they start to make commitments and they start to make up their minds in who they want to support.”

Chocola also told ABC News that the Club for Growth is considering getting involved in primaries against incumbent Republican senators in Utah, Maine, and his own home state of Indiana. He said of Sen. Richard Lugar, R-Ind., that “it would be probably best if he would retire at this point.”

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